Bottoms Up: Happy New Year!

“Bottoms up!” is something we will all be uttering a lot in the next few days – if you aren’t already. Have you ever thought about where this phrase comes from? I did a little bit of digging, but I didn’t really find anything except the known fact that it has something to do with downing the contents of your glass, and with the glass tilting up, the bottom will be shown to the world.

Now here is something that will give you a whole new perspective on the phrase bottoms up. If you’ve ever found yourself waiting for ages for your beer – whether it takes the bartender forever to open that bottle or to fill up your mug – then you might want your favorite hangout to get one of these contraptions. The idea is simple: fill the glasses from the bottom and get rid of the long wait.

I don’t think that the video is in fast forward, so the speed with which the glasses are filled up is probably for real. What is really cool is how the server gets the beer into those glasses.

Cups with holes that are resealable at the bottom + a machine that injects the beer at a very fast rate = Lots of beer filled up in a short amount of time. Pretty neat to watch, isn’t it?

Now who wants to give explanations as to how the machine really works?

Happy New Year, guys! (Oh, and does someone know about the origins of the phrase “bottoms up”?)

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