Breach, You Disappoint Me

See that? That’s actually 71 minutes of disappointment.

It’s one of those times when you should never judge a book by its cover — or judge a game by its YouTube preview. I had been waiting for Breach to finally launch for both the consoles and PC via Steam. It had the makings of a great game, pulling everything we loved from other titles: the destructible environments of Bad Company 2, the 3rd person cover fire of Gears of War and the fast-paced action and leveling system of Modern Warfare. You know when a game feels right when all of the elements come together to create an original experience. Breach however, breaks more than just environments — it kills the fast paced FPS experience altogether.

Breach does have its moments but it is precisely these repetitive moments consisting of ‘bringing down the roof on a camped squad’ or ‘destroying the floor to plunge an enemy into his death’ that make the shooter’s seeming creativity appear canned. Fault it to the lack of playable maps everything, players “get it” quite quickly. And that’s if you’ve made it through the buggy loading times. On Steam, four times out of five I get fired into a lobby that can’t connect to any of the games available.

For USD $15.00, it’s forgivable. Atomic Games does deserve a bit of kudos for the effort, but Breach still feels like it’s on beta after Steam has patched the game three times over.

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