We love us a good monster, and there’s no denying we’ve got an Anglophile side, too. So, putting that together…let’s have a little history lesson – and then some.

England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland which make up the British Isles, are rife with ancient legends, myths and folklore. Some legends are so old, their origins have been long lost to the passage of time.

The variety of national mythology and local legend across the British Isles, is one of the world’s richest veins of written literature and spoken lore. These diverse stories can be tracked back to the Celtic ages, when they were defeated and fled from the Roman Empire to the now named British Isles.

They brought many of their own stories, but also assimilated the beliefs and culture of the aborigines into their own poems, stories and folktales, which they duly adapted to their new habitat. Adventure, heroism, romance, and magic are a few of the elements that make some of these legends, but there’s also a darker and much more cruel side to British mythology.

These creatures range from ghosts, apparitions, spites, demons and much more. One of the most common legends is the reiteration of the black dog. There are various origins for the black dog, a nocturnal animal shaped apparition, often associated with death and the devil. Its appearance is often regarded as a portent of death, typically depicted with hungering red eyes. Another legend from mythology is the malevolent Nuckelavee, a conjoined rider and horse-like demon with skinless flesh, rippled with muscle, it brings droughts and epidemics across the land.

British Mythology Monsters Infographic

british mythology monsters


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