Browseristas: If Browsers Were Fashionistas

Some time last year, I shared a simple infographic showing the link between women and web browsers. Remember Firefox, the woman who gets so deep under your skin that you can’t get rid of her in spite of all the flaws? Then there is Opera, who is slim, sexy, and yet tough at the same time. Mac users will always stand up for Safari, the hottie who lets her friends in without necessarily informing you. And who can overlook Chrome, the skinny, but cool and friendly gal who, unfortunately, does not have much to offer. Last, but not the least, we have Internet Explorer who has shared a lot of experiences with everyone and poses some danger with regard to infection. (The situation may have improved with IE with the recent updates, though.)

This browser war is far from over. Even with more browsers coming into the picture, the main players just hog the limelight pretty much all the time. And for some reason, people tend to liken the browsers to the fairer sex.

Enter artist Moie Preisenberger (also known as Eskimoie, how cute is that?) who has put a different spin on the link between browsers and women. (Oh the things you find on Reddit!) His creation is a drawing that gives us a visual representation of how browsers would look like if they were women who are always on the cutting edge of fashion. The result? Browseristas. Not exactly the most creative term, but I think it works pretty well given the words and ideas involved.


Once again, we have the five main players: Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. As browsers go, I will continue to stand by my usual suspects – Safari, Firefox, and Chrome (in decreasing order of preference). Looking at Eskimoie’s lovely ladies, though, I have to admit that Lady Internet Explorer seems to be the most alluring of the five, with Chrome coming in a close second (except I don’t like her dress).

Then again, I am no fashionista, so I might be seeing it all wrong. What do you think about the Browseristas?

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