How to Rock Cosplay this Halloween Without Breaking the Bank

Halloween is the ideal time of year to dress in costume, and if you’re into cosplay, you have a large number of video, book and movie characters to choose from. Unfortunately, as you may already have experienced, the cost can get out of hand –  especially if your favorite character is adorned in some colorful boots, wigs, knives and shields and you want to look as authentic as possible.

You can just imagine how much pro-cosplayers like Joanna Mari (who recently rocked the Inbeon Cosplay event with her Wonder Woman getup) spend in time, money, and effort.

On the other hand, there are cosplayers who have proven that awesome doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a look at Olesya Lyuzna who made Whovians drool with her Clara Oswald cosplay.

If you’ve got the cash to splurge on your Halloween costume, lucky you! If you’re a bit strapped for cash, here are some budget-friendly tips that are sure to rock your Halloween.

Budget Halloween Costume Tips

Yard Sales


Whether you decide to dress as Wonder Woman, Azura, Yuna, Lady Tremaine, Thor or Marge Simpson, a lot of thought, time and prepping will go into your elaborate outfits. If you don’t have the financial means to go all out in your portrayal, there are a number of places to go find what you need so that you can still look the part without spending a great deal of money.

You can start by checking your local yard sales. Your newspaper, online ads, and Craigslist should have an ample list of sales in your area. Here, you’ll typically find boatloads of clothes and accessories that you can put together.

The main thing: prices are great with many items going for a few dollars. If the clothes are too big, you can easily make the alterations.

Army Barracks Store

Are you in the market for boots, hats, bandanas or police caps to finish your Cosplay look this Halloween? The army barracks store has a host of offerings that are perfect for your favorite character. If you’re a dedicated fan of Thor or any other armor-clad superhero, you’re sure to find an array of boots, shirts and fake weaponry to go with your night of merriment.

Thrift Stores


Thrift stores are the hottest establishments for those without (or with) money. In addition to some great finds, you’ll agree that the prices are just as pleasing as the merchandise. You’ll need a little patience and lots of time to go through the unruly racks in the store.

However, you’re sure to be rewarded with items from both past and present. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination to piece together your costume. From large jackets and billowy skirts to white shirts and scarves, you may find the fixings for the perfect Sharknado, Star Wars, Sleepy Hollow or superhero costume this Halloween.

If you’ve already purchased unique clothes, don’t forget to peruse other sections in a Thrift Store. For a dollar or two, you may find masks, tools, shoes, fake weaponry and other accessories that may very well be the crowning glory of your costume.

Forage Your Closets


Your home closets and attic can house some hidden gems, especially if you have years and years of clothes stashed away. From wigs and hats to stockings and skirts, look for outlandish and fun items that will complement your look.

You should also look in your garage and basement for tools that can add to your costume’s creep factor. If you have an old makeup drawer, you may finally be able to put your blue eyeshadow and blood red nail polish to good use. Old fabric left around the home in patterns or brilliant colors can also be made into a cosplay costume. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can put together items from home without having to spend a dime.

Clearance Racks

Store clearance racks could have some really great deals when you’re looking for a creepy, cute, sexy or popular Cosplay costume this Halloween. From saccharin sweet Hello Kitty bows, dresses and accessories to everything Star Wars, be ready to skim the racks in search of some great deals.

You can even search the clothing and shoe clearance section for odd bits and pieces. If a princess costume isn’t quite your thing, just add a bit of fake blood, a few rips or tears to your outfit and some kohl makeup around the eyes. This will put your own unique spin on Alice in Wonderland or Merida.

Dollar Stores

If you need just a few accent pieces for your costume, the dollar store should have some excellent budget-friendly finds. Whether you’re looking for props, inexpensive toys, glitter, fake tattoos or other decorative accents, you’ll find the endless aisles filled with affordable cosplay treasures.

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