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Build Your "Batcave" Bachelor Pad

When Bruce Wayne’s mansion burned down in “Batman Begins,” he moved to a bachelor pad in Gotham City. While the living space was a downgrade, the tech certainly was not. He had access to all his Batman gear underground, lurked through secret tunnels and had home automation that could make even Tony Stark jealous.

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Bachelor pads don’t have to be mansions (or even houses); in fact, they’re almost always apartments or condos. This goes to show that you can do big things with small places. So, if you’re in the market to bring your bachelor pad into the 21st century, these are some easy places to start.

1. Make Temperature Cool

Can thermostats be cool? They can if they’re a Nest. This sleek, modern thermostat connects to your home via Wi-Fi and learns your comings and goings to adjust the temp accordingly and save you money. You also can control it from outside your home via your smartphone. So, if it’s a hot day and you’re coming home at 3 p.m., get out your phone and turn on the AC at 2.

2. Set the Mood

Turning your lights off with a clap is a bit tacky, but setting mood lighting with a Siri command can be cool and sophisticated if the setup is right. The Philips Hue LED light system connects via Wi-Fi to a hub and changes colors and dim settings at your command. Create “mood” presets and each light will change to a certain color and brightness with a simple command or tap of a finger.

3. Smart Security That Works for You

Monthly security subscriptions are about as useful as a landline in 2017. Companies would love to charge you an arm and a leg for basic home security, but you can now buy it yourself and get a better product without the monthly fees. Tech like a Wi-Fi security camera from Lorex puts eyes in your pad and can send motion activated push notifications or email alerts directly to your phone in case of a break-in. No one would dream of entering your Bat Cave if they knew someone was always watching.

4. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Almost everything about the kitchen is “smart” right now. Samsung makes refrigerators that know when certain foods need restocking. There are Wi-Fi crockpots that can change settings with your smartphone, and there are food subscription services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron that ensure you also have the exact ingredients to make a delicious meal without waste or mistakes. There’s no reason not to be a whiz chef with what’s available out there.

5. Find Your Batmobile

What’s a more iconic part of a bachelor pad a la Bruce Wayne than the garage? The Batmobile is so automated that Bruce doesn’t come to it, it comes to Bruce. While that may seem like a dream, there are cars, such as the Tesla Model S, that automatically pull out of the garage and wait for the driver.

Maybe a six-figure luxury sedan is too rich for a bachelor pad, but its kid brother, the $35,000 Model 3, is just a year away from release and well within the reach of most drivers. Again, controlled with just a smartphone, you can command the Model 3 to back out of your garage and it will use its cameras and sensors to carefully back into its new spot and adjust the temperature (another smart thermostat!) to your choosing until you arrive.

6. The Future of Home Entertainment is Now Affordable

A big LED TV and surround sound system used to completely price out the middle class, but it’s now completely affordable for anyone in the market for a good home entertainment system. In fact, even the most entry-level TVs and sound bars hold up pretty well compared to even the high-end tech available just five years ago. Fifty-inch 4K LED TVs and high-quality sound bars can be snagged for less than $1,000 in today’s market. And once you have those two items, that’s it. You now have a complete home theater system that will wow your guests with both sight and sound.

7. Have Your Bat Suit Ready to Go

OK, what really makes the Bruce Wayne bachelor pad is the bat suit. And do you think Bruce shuffles around the closet to find the one bat suit that isn’t in the laundry? Of course not! That suit is up and ready to go at his command. You can’t buy a smart closet at Target or IKEA, but there is a company in Seattle that will build one for you. They’ll put in a media center, wine cellar or even a work bench if you want. Now that’s dressing with both style and utility, just like the Bat himself.

This post was written by Jim Burch, a copywriter from Phoenix and avid admirer of alliteration. His goals are to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, see all 30 baseball stadiums, and eliminate the improper use of “literally,” but he figuratively can’t even.

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