Business Cards That Aren't Really Cards

A good business card should convey more than just your contact information. It should represent who you are, your personal philosophy, and how well you do what you do.

A popular trend in business cards is to use something other than actual cards. No paper, card stock or otherwise. Instead, people are using all sorts of unusual and interesting things to pass out their personal information. Make no mistake: there’s some frickin’ weird stuff here. While these wildly creative pieces definitely set their owners apart from the crowd, I wouldn’t expect most of them to fit in a rolodex.

For the purpose of this list, I decided not to include any cards that require assembly. Those punch-out-and-piece-together models are nifty, but I realistically speaking, most of us never have the time to do the work they require. Instead, I focused on clever designs made from recognizable objects that (for the most part) accomplish their purpose instantly: they’re memorable because you can identify what kind of business they’re advertising at first glance.


Back in 2009, a company called offered to create a set of business cards for you out of meat. Yes, I said meat. It should come as no surprise that this unusual startup didn’t last long; the domain name returns an error message these days.


An electrical engineering student named Frank Zhao created these customized USB business cards. Plug one into your computer and it will display details about Zhao after you make any three keystrokes.

Throwing Stars

Wasn’t able to find a source for these undeniably cool cards that double as ninja throwing stars. They look like they’re made out of paper, but metal business cards aren’t unheard of (see below).


Any object that’s small enough and you can get words printed or stamped on can be used. It doesn’t even have to be expensive to be clever and original. Typography expert Eduard Cehovin used clothespins.

Punch-Out Card

Emerson Taymor wanted to stand out from the crowd, so he came up with these cards that… well, stand out. These punch-out cards transform into a miniature version of Taymor himself, complete with his contact information on the back.

Steve Wozniak

The Woz, co-founder of Apple, has some of the coolest and geekiest business cards around. These brushed metal cards feature punched-out holes, making them extra space-age-y. Wozniak once joked that he cut his steak at a restaurant with one.

Cable Cord

These “cards” are actually cable cords with contact information printed on the side. A great example of recycling.


Mark Ramadan runs a cooking blog, and he made these metal cards to promote it. The miniature utensils actually punch out and can be used if you find yourself somewhere without tools for eating.

Casette Tape

A very creative DJ recycled casette tapes as his business cards. They come complete with a clear acrylic casette case as a card holder.

Stretchy Band

If you’re going to spend extra money on a card that’s way outside the box, then the best possible result would be a card that is itself a reminder of what you do for a living. Like this rubber band, that advertises a personal trainer when you stretch it out.

LEGO Minifigures

There can be no doubt that employees of The LEGO Group have the greatest business cards of all time. In lieu of actual cards, LEGO produces special Minifigs for each employee. On the front is their name, on the back, their contact info. And the Minifig actually resembles the employee!

Stand-up Business Cards From


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