Cafe Minamdang Episode 7 is around the corner, and here’s the exact release date and time fans must follow for the upcoming episode.

What started like a lighthearted comedy doesn’t seem to be the same anymore. It has become more of a suspense thriller show that can give you chills. Based on the web novel Minamdang: Case Note, the series revolves around a former criminal profiler, Nam Han-Jun, who now operates as a fraudster.

For his frauds, Han-Jun took the identity of a shaman and works from a cafe named Minamdang. In all this, he is accompanied by Su-Cheol and Nam Hye-Jun. Besides them, detective Han Jae-Hui also serves as a prominent character in the series.

Café Minamdang | Official Trailer

Café Minamdang | Official Trailer

Cafe Minamdang Episode 7: Release Date and Time

Cafe Minamdang episode 7 will be officially released on Monday, July 18, 2022, at 9:30 KST (Korean Standard Time) on KBS2 and Netflix. Like the previous episodes, you can expect the episode to have a run time of approximately 1 hour. Furthermore, you can follow the below time schedule if you are based in a different region.

What happened in Chapter 6 of Cafe Minamdang?

Cafe Minamdang’s episode 6 kicks off three years ago, where we saw prosecutor Han Jae-Hui running after a girl to stop her from eating more strawberries at a greenhouse. In an attempt to capture the girl, Jae-Hui, along with her colleague, finds an abandoned vehicle with trails of blood at the back door of it.

Afterward, Jae-Hui heads to the nearby smokehouse, where she finds an intoxicated Choi Yeong-Seop sitting beside the burnt dead body of his daughter’s molester. On the other side, Nam Han-Jun and his prosecutor friend Han Jae-Jeong discuss the murder. While Jae-Hui was convinced that Yeong-Seop had committed the murder to avenge his daughter’s death, Han-Jun is sure that Yeong-Seop was innocent.

Han-Jun and Jae-Jeong also go to the crime location to find clues. However, as the duo talk about the theories related to the murder, someone else hears the conversation from behind. They chased the man but couldn’t catch him.

In contrast, Jae-Hui starts her own investigation when one day she sees Yeong-Seop going inside the smokehouse. When confronted, Yeong-Seop shows Jae-Hui a video that has a recording of the murder. The next moment, Jae-Hui gets unconscious after getting attacked by Young-Seop.

After regaining consciousness, she calls her brother Jae-Jeong to tell her about all that happened. As they were talking on the phone, Jae-Jeong got beaten up by a mysterious man from behind, who poisoned him afterward. The next scene of the episode saw Han-Jun standing at the door of Jae-Jeong’s apartment with packed food in his hand. Soon, he notices smoke coming out of the apartment.

Ripping off the apartment’s door, he finds a burned, lifeless body of Jae-Jeong. Jae-Hui was shattered after seeing the dead body of his brother. That’s the first time Jae-Hui and Han-Jun crossed their paths without noticing each other.

After the tragic flashback, the episode takes us to the hospital, where we see an injured Choi Yeong-Seop. Nam Han-Jun sets a camera in his room so that he can know about his well-being. Jae-Hui still doubts Yeong-Seop, so she doesn’t miss an opportunity to interrogate him.

One day Han-Jun decides to exchange the room with Yeong-Seop so that if Gopuri comes to kill the latter, he could catch him. However, Jae-Hui finds out about the plan, and when she goes to interrogate Yeong-Seop, a man disguised as a nurse enters the room and intoxicates Yeong-Seop. Fortunately, it has been noticed by Jae-Hui, so she tries to stop him. On the other hand, Han-Jun sees the entire thing in the camera. Hence, while chasing Gopuri, he ended with a one-to-one battle with him.

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