Kugel Memorabilia: CPU

This might be the ultimate in geek chic art. Kugel Memorabilia creates, among other things, framed art pieces suitable for hanging on walls or placing on desks, that are made of old computer parts.

Owner Brian Kugel offers a complete line of hand-made CPUs, expansion cards, and motherboards that have been framed in wood and are available for sale, intended to “geek up your office.” Prices range from $49 up to $249. They’ll even take your old computer parts and frame them, if you prefer.

You may assume Kugel just takes regular old frames and slaps them onto computer parts, but not so fast. Kugel happens to be an excellent woodworker, and he makes every frame as a customized creation that he cuts, sands, and finishes himself.

But wait — enter the crazy twist. Kugel’s framed motherboards are available in an “AK-47 Special Edition.” Which means exactly what you think it does — the motherboard is shot full of holes by an assault rifle before being framed. Why? For no other reason than that it looks cool!

I’ve heard of people getting attached to their computers, but might this be taking it too far? It’s art, so that’s for you, the beholder, to decide.

Take a look at some of Kugel’s work below, and then head over to his website to see more and order an art piece of your own.

Kugel Memorabilia: Expansion Card
Kugel Memorabilia: Motherboard

Thanks to tipster TNorman for sending this our way!

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