Can I Get A Golden Ring With That?

With all the discussion around the revamping of the DC universe, the relaunch of Valiant and the most excellent launch of the Jack Kirby stock of characters by Dynamite (does everything they touch turn to gold?), there is one major reboot occurring this month that could easily slip under the radar.

I’m talking of course, about Sonic The Hedgehog.

Not my usual genre of course, after all, where are the people in skin-tight costumes beating each other up? Well, they are still beating each other up at least!

Now, I have criticised titles based on video games before, but then I’m hardly a game player either. But Sonic is different, the blue hedgehog is one of the first and greatest computer game icons, and let’s face it, he lasted a lot longer than Pac Man did. (Any remember the cheesy Pac Man cartoon? Ah, good times.)

Now, every time I have dipped into Sonic the Hedgehog, I have thoroughly enjoyed the read, but I confess I can understand the rationale of a reboot, barely an issue goes by without a footnote to avoid lengthy exposition. Who would have thought such an icon to be continuity heavy?

In a storyline called Sonic Genesis, this month’s Sonic The Hedgehog #226 kicks off the action with a storyline touted as a potential reboot. Now, you may find this difficult to believe, but try picking up today’s Sonic Universe, a conclusion of an alternate reality story, and then tell me this line is not fun.

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Darren Burr

A devoted follower of the comics industry and their characters since a child, Darren now plays in many media but always returns to characters in skin-tight costumes beating each other up on the page. Radio host, blogger, fanfic author and producer of You Tube content, Darren idles away his days until his digital conquest of the world is complete.

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