Can we say that Bitcoin is Sci-Fi awakened?

The people who use bitcoin and admire it often say that Bitcoin is a science fiction concept awakened into real life by Satoshi Nakamoto, in the form of evolution of an advanced currency that can be accepted in any part of the world.

People were seeking such currency that can be traded anywhere within the universe in times where science is lured towards other planets to start-up life from a new end. If we talk about science fiction, they visualized such a technology-based currency because they seek convenience and prudence but due to its tight and unified control over the cash and transactions. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins do not wisecrack their prerogative to the government authorities.

Star Trek

Star Trek is a science fiction that conjures up an image of how the world will feel like when no money has the government’s authority over it. All the money is universal, just like the concept of bitcoins.

The developer of bitcoin, Jeff Garzik, analogized, giving the holder of your USB cards, which were created to hold one’s bitcoins with the credit stick used in Star Trek.

Creds were credits that were used as a medium of exchange among people in the sci-fi, Star Trek.

If we observe closely, credited predominant in Star Trek? The subject of future money and currency is quite puzzling for the government authorities also, as the question creates a pathway for postulation and gambling.

Various sci-fi television series, movies, and novels have never come up as a unit to make the subject of money clear with the perspective of three centuries from now. We can say that this question is quite sensitive and up for debate.

The originator and composer of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, actually tried to assert that people would not feel like piling up wealth in the universe created by him. He also stressed that money and wealth must not be one’s primary motivation to pursue a job or work.

These words seem to be synonymous with the terms used in a series of the Star Trek named the First Contact, where the character emphasized the purpose of their work, which was the improvement and betterment of themselves and society. Money as a sole motivation factor never works that good.

However, in this way, we say many instances and occurrences where the future of money in the next three centuries is being envisioned. What makes all these occurrences important Is that we can synchronize them to the ever-wanted Bitcoins.

Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

We can have a look at a novel Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, which has become very popular due to the concept outlined that people fear in our real world.

The novel portrays a scenario in which the federation has got control of the currency and abused the people by rendering them impotent and impuissant while taking leverage of the privilege to control money. A woman was left voiceless as the federation took control over their life just by getting the hold over cash.

This novel was august and was also portrayed in the movie, which too was embraced by people.

The people who favor the cryptocurrencies have a point that if future currencies controlled by federations can put people’s freedom at stake and thus, an independent currency like Bitcoin is the need of the hour, which is not controlled by anyone.


According to a few sci-fi series and novels mentioned above, we can conclude that yes, Bitcoins have awakened certain concepts that seemed to be unrealistic into real-life, actually giving people autonomy to trade in a currency that is free of government control. You just need to login to any of the trusted bitcoin trading platforms to know more about this and also you can trade btc.

Bitcoin has brought freedom and control to people and, thus, it is embraced throughout the globe, but it is still a growing concept that is getting better day-by-day, giving visions and imaginations a life.

It still cannot be a complete solution to the problems prevailing in the economy. Even, yes, we have taken a step forward towards the transformation of science fiction to reality, which itself should be celebrated.

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