Haven’t we all imagined what life would be like if we could be transported out of the drab day-to-day and into the fictional worlds of our favourite game, book or TV show? Escaping the 9 to 5 and living a life of adventure sounds like the dream… but if you actually had the chance to do it, would you be able to afford it?

Hometree calculated the costs of living in different fictional universes (including Skyrim, Fallout 4, Lord of the Rings and more) so you can plan your big move to a world of adventure. The research worked out monthly mortgage fees, food expenses, public transport costs and more in real world money so you can budget for your daily adventures whilst adding in an Argonian ale or two.

Could you afford to live in Skyrim?

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Bethesda sure knows how to make an expansive RPG, but it certainly comes at a cost with Skyrim being the second most expensive universe to live in. If you’ve worked your way to a $60,000 salary, you could definitely afford to shack up in Breezehome, the cosy player house in Whiterun.

The monthly mortgage isn’t the worst at $244.49, but the cost of personal care and food racking up over $3000 a month will definitely pinch the wallet. A pack of 12 eggs will cost you $36.72 whilst cheese will cost you $19.89, making Skyrim not so friendly for the vegetarians out there, but if you’re a passionate baker and just have to make a Sunlight Souffle, you can probably raise your own chickens.

Living in Skyrim is also the worst place for those who like to keep their hair looking good – the only way to get a haircut officially is with a creepy woman called Galathil “The Face Sculptor” who hides in the Ragged Flagon and charges $1,530 a pop! However, she will also change your face for the same cost (which we suppose is an okay price for plastic surgery) but there is no discount on hair-only adjustments. Although, if you’re happy with the “Haven’t washed in ten years” Nordic look, you will do well in Skyrim (provided you don’t eat too much cheese.)

Could you afford to live in the Fallout Universe?

Prefer Fallout to Skyrim? Bethesda again has made a pricey world to live in, with the Fallout 4 universe being the most expensive with monthly outgoings. Who knew the apocalypse would be so costly? With food that isn’t going to buzz up the Geiger counter being scarce, a basic meal of Iguana soup and a Nuka Cola costs an extortionate 41 caps or $23.52 in real world money.

The player home “Home Plate” in the infamous Diamond City costs 2000 caps or $1606.50 a month which makes it cheaper than New York, but definitely more expensive than your average rent in Ohio or Memphis. However, public transport is definitely a bargain, with the handy Vertibird only costing around 10 caps a ride (you just need to pay for the grenade signal) you can probably make your way around safely and avoid the local Bloodbugs.

Could you afford to live in Middle Earth?

Living in Middle Earth is a dream for many, and while you can always visit the real world Hobbiton, nothing compares to a rowdy night at The Green Dragon surrounded by hobbits. Unfortunately, though, Middle Earth might cost a little too much for most of us, with a salary of at least $50,000 being required to afford the monthly expenses.

Food costs around 6.72 Ducat or $1,207.23 a month in real-world money, and possibly more if you live in The Shire where eating seems to be every Hobbit’s favourite past time – although we suppose you could try living off of lumbus bread. Alcohol is cheap with beer only costing 0.013 Ducat or $2.49 so it certainly won’t be difficult to stay merry. Getting around would be dangerous with the threat of Orcs, but commuting would definitely be cheaper with monthly costs for transport being only 0.25 Ducat or $45.27.

Could you afford to live in Guild Wars 2?

Fancy a life of living among humanoid creatures and slaying dragons? If so, an MMO like Guild Wars 2 is the one for you… if you can afford it. While the Guild Wars 2 universe is cheaper than Bethesda game worlds, the minimum salary is still £40,000 or $45,000.

Luckily, a “home instance” or player home is free in Guild Wars, but if you want to jazz up the place with all the basic packs and racks prepare to shell out 131,812 silver coin or $406,051.73 in real-world money – or get it on a monthly loan in the form of a mortgage. Personal care isn’t the cheapest, with a basic hair styling kit costing 100 silver coin / £244.97 / $308.05. And if you decide to forgo the haircuts, getting the right will still cost a lot with a basic cultural armor set setting you back 288 silver coin / $887.19.

Could you afford to live in Star Wars?

If fighting with swords and daggers in close combat isn’t your thing, and you’d rather be fighting in an epic space battle, you thankfully can without breaking the bank. With a more reasonable salary of $36,000, you can venture to a galaxy far, far away and live out your days in the Star Wars universe. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the cost of a Starfighter, but if you stay on the ground for commuting you can get around for 52.7 credits of $84.87 a month which isn’t too bad if it helps you get to your Jedi training on time!

The average meal and drink cost 8.68 credits or $13.98 which may be due to the trade disputes that are infamous in the Star Wars universe. Although, you can get a can of nutritive milk and a tube of dehydrated vegetable protein for only 6 credits or $9.66 at Five Points Station (if you don’t mind the annoying Dexter Jettster.)

Can you afford to live in the Harry Potter universe?

Not a fan of the brutish hack and slashing of swords or terrifying daily space combat? Why not try living in the peaceful highlands of Scotland where you can attend and live in Hogwarts. Thankfully, Hogwarts is one of the more affordable universes to live in requiring only $30,000 for monthly wizarding and non-wizarding (perhaps we should call them Muggleton) expenses.

However, you’ll still have to save up on those galleons, as the cost of a house can set you back 34,195.78 galleons / $182,605.47, making the monthly mortgage amount $835.17. If travelling by broom isn’t your thing (we imagine the motion sickness can’t be great) public transport only costs 9.04 galleons / $48.27 a month, or go for a Muggleton car for 10.84 Galleons / £45.96 / $57.89 a month (but make sure to not use magic to make it fly and then crash into a tree at any point!) Healthcare is free thanks to the Scottish NHS and basic meals out (not including the amount of Berti Bott’s every flavour beans or chocolate frogs we’d probably buy) cost about 1.81 galleons / or $9.67 – perfect for budding students of Wizardry (which by the way, is completely free as education is paid for by the Ministry of Magic!)

Could you afford to live in Springfield?

If you want the simple life of living in Springfield, you will have to have a $48,000 salary. Turns out Homer’s gig at the power plant is a well-paid job (when he’s not trying his hand at a driving a snow plough.) Houses in Springfield cost around $370,865 making mortgage payments your largest expense, which is oddly not the norm in fictional worlds.

Food is also a little on the pricey side with a meal out costing around $34.90 and a nice Duff Bear costing around $5.33. If you’re going to get yourself in slapstick comedy-style accidents like Homer, expect to shell out around $153.58 for health insurance, although we imagine the rates would go up if you’re electrocuting yourself every other week!

Cost of Living in Hawking (The Stranger Things universe)

Think you can deal with the monsters of the Stranger Things universe?  If you can, you’ll be awarded with cheap living costs, as living in Hawking of the Stranger Things universe only costs $21,000. The average home costs around $124,792.59 and utilities cost about $112.95 (as long as you don’t do a Joyce and rack up bills with excessive Christmas Light usage…) Otherwise, you’d be hard pressed to complain about living in Hawking – except perhaps a complaint or two about those pesky Demogorgons.

You can find out how Hometree calculated these costs here.

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