Canal-phone shootout

Budding earphone geeks may find this Wired article on in-ear canalphones of interest.


Wired News has an article today on in-ear canal headphones. The author briefly reviews the Future Sonic EM3, Shure E3c, and Etymotics ER6. He apparently didn’t read up on them at all before trying them, and didn’t read the instructions on the E3Cs, because they “kept falling off.” But at any rate, it’s a nice little article for people who might be interested in good headphones for their ipods or other devices.

For anyone thinking of buying them, don’t use his article to make your decision. Read this discussion and browse around in head-fi. Basically, shures are more musical, etymotics are more reference, and the futuresonics are a bit muddy in the upper ranges and a little bass heavy, though I’ve never tried them so I can’t really verify that, and they don’t get nearly as much reviewing as shure and etymotics, because til recently they only did custom jobs. I personally use Shure E2s… didn’t want to blow the extra 80 bucks for an E3, but might sometime down the line. Oh, and it probably goes without saying, but they’re all much, much better than the stock earbuds that come with the ipod, particularly in terms of separation and clarity.

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