To kick off the fall season, here’s a little something sweet to celebrate about this October 1st – Willy Wonka Day! As a kid, I always fantasized about winning the much-coveted Golden Ticket and visiting the sweetest place on Earth (the Willy Wonka Candy Factory). Since the new Willy Wonka origin story film won’t be coming out until 2023, we need something to keep our sugar cravings at bay. Don’t you think? So check out the best candy factories that will make Willy Wonka feel like a proud papa!

Hershey’s Chocolate Tour, Pennsylvania 

Who doesn’t know about Hershey’s Chocolate? It’s probably the most popular chocolate brand in the world! Get the ultimate chocolate experience at Hershey’s Chocolate World where visitors can take the Chocolate tour, taste various chocolates, create their own candy bar, and watch a 4D Chocolate Movie! This Halloween, it will also feature a bunch of fa-BOO-lous events all month long, including some exciting attractions. Book your slots here!

Perugina Casa del Cioccolato, PerugiaItaly

Perugina gives us its most well-known product, the Baci, which are chocolate kisses filled with hazelnut and wrapped in a multilingual love note. This makes it Italy’s finest chocolate. Its factory features a museum devoted to the history of chocolate manufacturing AND a cooking school for chocolate lovers.

Jelly Belly Factory Tour, California 

Jelly Belly

Jelly beans are probably a favorite among kids. They have every flavor imaginable, including a Harry Potter-inspired Bertie Botts edition. Since the company is offering a self-guided tour, visitors get to explore the factory, play games along the way, browse the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Art Gallery, dine at the Jelly Belly Café, and more!

Maison Cailler, Gruyère, Switzerland


There’s nothing quite like Swiss chocolate. Visiting the Maison Cailler factory is like visiting chocolate heaven where you not only get to learn the history of Swiss chocolate but also get to taste it for yourself! It gives its visitors a multisensorial experience by letting them design their own chocolate bar in a class taught by awesome chefs.

The Sanders-Morley Chocolate Factory, Clinton Township, Michigan


Morley Candy Makers is the place where Sanders chocolates and desserts are created. Their free factory tour is perfect for kids and adults alike. Each tour includes a video, a guided walk down our observation hallway to see candy makers at work, free chocolate samples, and a stop at their fun, newly remodeled Sanders Chocolate & Ice Cream Shoppe.

Haigh’s Chocolate, Adelaide, Australia

Haigh's Chocolates

From boxed chocolates to chocolate bars and artisanal chocolate, Australia’s Haigh’s Chocolate boasts of having premium quality and great-tasting products. Making their chocolate is a long process, which visitors can watch the making of at their factory. They are the only chocolate manufacturers in Australia to make chocolate directly from the bean. So enjoy special tastings during the tour, and your taste buds will thank you for it!

House of Läderach, Bilten, Switzerland


Läderach is a Swiss chocolate brand that offers premium chocolate, pralinés & truffles. Moreover, their chocolate barks are to die for! This is the big leagues of chocolate, guys, which is why a visit to their chocolate museum and a tour of their factory are two things chocolate lovers can’t miss.

Candy One, Jeju Island, South Korea

Candy One is the biggest handmade candy factory in the world! Feast your eyes on the colorful array of all sorts of candy. Kids will definitely have the time of their lives designing their own candies, and seeing how the pros mix and form the candies with just their bare hands.

Sweets Candy Tour, Salt Lake City, Utah


Sweet Candy Company makes it easy to feed your inner child with favorites like their saltwater taffy, chocolate-covered jelly sticks, and fruit sours. As they say, you’re never too old for a nostalgic treat. Because of this, their factory is definitely a must-visit. However, their factory is currently closed to the public due to the pandemic.

Hammond’s Candies Factory Tour, Denver, Colorado


Hammond’s Candies makes over 4,000 pounds of candy a day, including their world-famous candy canes. A trip to their factory will give you a glimpse into how their sweet treats are pulled, twisted, shaped, and packaged by hand.

Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

This isn’t technically candy, but ice cream brings the same amount of joy as candy does, right? Visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory and see how the delicious ice cream brand produces its world-renowned flavors. You can even visit their Scoop Shop and enjoy your favorite flavors in freshly baked waffle cones, legendary milkshakes, and sundaes with all the toppings. In addition to that, you can even pay tribute to the dearly de-pinted flavors at the Flavor Graveyard.

Theo Chocolate Factory Tour, Seattle, Washington


From chocolate bars, cookie bites, caramels, and handmade confections to hot chocolate, Theo gives us everything our sweet tooth desires. So taste your way through the cocoa farm to chocolate bar journey with an interactive experience at our Fremont Chocolate Factory. Check out their virtual and in-person tasting classes here!

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