Capcom 3? Why do I feel like I am missing out?

With last weeks release of Marvel vs Capcom 3 (and the brief teaser release the week beforehand), I got to thinking about the various characters that I have no idea about, not being a gamer.

With last weeks release of Marvel vs Capcom 3, (and the brief teaser release the week beforehand, discussed here and here), I got to thinking about the various characters that I have no idea about, not being a gamer.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Teaser Trailer

There’s a whole new world out there that I know very little about, never having caught the game system bug.  I was more interested in reading the comics, my level was PacMan and I extended myself to early Sonic The Hedgehog, that’s about it.  (Have you read the Sonic titles from Archie by the way? They are pretty cool in their way, chewing gum for my brain.)

Still, the trailer looks pretty cool.  I for one want to know how characters from the Marvel Universe  are mixing it up with characters from Street Fighter and Resident Evil to boot.  Sounds like it could be a pretty cool story, but no, I don’t want to aggravate my thumbs and lose hours of my life that seem to have disappeared anyway.  If only I was some chronal conglomerate and could manage my time via double accounting! Now, when the virtual reality games start coming out, that’s a whole new matter.

I was talking with my local comic shop manager about the rash of titles cashing in on the gamer market, and he felt that although it could attract new readers to the market, the quality was something left to be desired. I confess, it comes to something when I thought the Resident Evil films were better than the comics. Still, I like those films.

So I decided to branch out, and dug through the back issue bins, and drew out the Prototype series by WildStorm.  Told that Prototype was a really cool game, I had high hopes for the title.

Now I won’t criticise too much, because it was okay.  Mediocre to good, but not brilliant, not as engaging as I would have hoped.  Something tells me that what makes a good game does not necessarily translate into the new medium.

My next target will be the World Of Warcraft series, but that seems more of a role-playing system with a fleshed out universe than a strict beat-em up. So I hold higher hopes. Then again, remembering DC’s old AD&D title, I could be wrong.

My recommendations this week – Fantastic Four #578 and Zenescopes The Waking #3.  And do I dare expose myself to Hulked-Out Heroes #2?

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