Propworx Launches Caprica Memorabilia Auction

Did you know that in Canada, they continued showing the final episodes of Caprica last year? There I was, patiently (trying to be patient actually) waiting for months till US TV picked up the series again, only to find out that they had aired the series anyway. In any case, the information comes too late for me as – here’s even sadder news – SyFy rolled out the last five episodes of Caprica last night.

Five episodes – with the Graystones, the Taurons, Deathwalkers, and so on – in one go is the Caprica fan’s idea of an evening well spent, I know. However, if you think about it, the way that SyFy just dumped the final episodes without much fanfare is sad – insulting even. Then again, they have already given it up for lost a long time ago, so we really couldn’t expect much better treatment, could we?

If you’ve already seen the series in its entirety, you are probably suffering from post-TV series blues. As far as Caprica is concerned, I just might have a pick me upper for you: Propworx is auctioning off memorabilia from the short-lived BSG spinoff.

If you like your drink, this bottle of Caprica Scorpion Ambrosia is the perfect choice.

The current bid is $202.50 on eBay.

How about a duffel bag used by a Buccaneer? It has the team’s logo on it, and the current bid is $151.

Here’s a set that will probably just gather dust if I owned it, but it would be pretty cool to have.

For sure, you remember when Lacy cut herself to prove that she was serious about being part of STO. There are nine bids right now, with the highest at $102.

There are so many other props and dresses/costumes that are being auctioned by Propworx at eBay, but here’s something that I think will fetch a very high price: Zoe’s purple dress, currently at $378!

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