You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it here again: Call of Duty is still king when it comes to video games. At least based on popularity (put down your pitchforks). It’s simply one of the best selling video game franchises of the decade that they got generous enough to make a free Call of Duty Mobile for smartphones. Now, what better way to play Call of Duty than with the legendary Captain Price?

We don’t mean the actual Captain Price in-game, of course, but a replica of him. Introducing the Captain Price Controller and Smartphone Stand. It’s the tough-as-nails British S.A.S. officer in his cutest (but still deadly) form yet. It’s a miniature version of one of the most prominent poster boys of the Call of Duty franchise.

Captain Price

The best part is that he’s got your back and is ready to hold your phone for you whenever you’re playing Call of Duty mobile. Or if you’re more of a console or PC player, he’ll hold your controller so you don’t get tired from all the killstreaks.

Captain Price

This badass controller and smartphone stand stands at a proud height of 8-inches-tall and is an accurate representation of Captain Price from Call of Duty: Modern WarfareThe package also includes a 2-meter micro USB cable for charging. For controllers, it’s designed to hold either the PlayStation’s Dualshock, Xbox controllers, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers.

Captain Price

You’ll also find that Captain Price isn’t only for Call of Duty but also for your other activities like YouTube and for when you’re charging. The cost? Not as much as getting an actual British S.A.S. officer to back you up; it’s only £22.99 or $29.99. So grab your own Captain Price stand now and start getting more kills in Call of Duty.

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