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Career Options in Data Science

Data science is the next big trend in technology-based careers and, frankly, the world revolves around the introduction and expansion of technological achievements. Data scientists operate in all market segments and are relied upon by businesses of all sizes for insight and analytics that drive core business operations from the ground up.

Data scientists come in all shapes and sizes as well. Some hail from a computer science background, while others are spatial data users that rely on GIS applications to generate analytical models to drive decision making and problem-solving operations. A graduate-level business degree on top of your data science focus is a great place to begin when seeking entry and mobility in this realm of business management, but the prerequisite for becoming a data scientist is still a love of data analytics and a firm foundation in data manipulation or programming languages like Python or SQL.

Still, many interested college students ask ‘what is data science?’ They have encountered the tertiary functions of this fantastic world of analytic querying but haven’t quite grasped the magnitude of its reach across businesses and markets.

Computer Modeling For The Future

One aspect of this field lies in work that will impact the future of technological development. Data scientists are engaged in testing the NASA equipment that will take unmanned spacecraft to Mars and beyond. Eventually, these solutions will power human exploration of other worlds and objects in space. In a more terrestrial sense, data science also seeks to answer questions regarding climate change, economic development, and even the factors that impact election outcomes. Data science is rooted in the problems that humans face today and seeks to identify and track ahead of others that we will eventually arrive at.

The Government Angle

Certainly, data science has its place in the corporate world, but data scientists also make up an army of public servants across all layers of federal and state government outfits in the United States and beyond. Data science is essential to modeling and perfecting every function of government from scheduling road works efficiently to identifying viable evacuation routes in the event of a natural disaster – or, God forbid, a war over U.S. territory. Data scientists game out these doomsday scenarios in order to identify possible angles of defense. This is sometimes called Red Teaming and is an integral component of relevant military and defense departments. Data scientists are the heroes of these strategic analyses, and without people like you who are passionate about research and analysis in defense of the nation, the preventative measures born of these strategic predictive analytics wouldn’t be possible.

In a more civil service focused vein, data analysis is instructive in combatting forest fires. In addition, datasets regarding census readings and other residential mapping products are routinely leveraged to identify key civil engineering projects. A power grid failure or a sewage pipe burst can cause incredible devastation throughout a community, and data scientists are instrumental in preventing these breakdowns from ever occurring.

One place where big data and machine learning plays a massive role in the modern world is in the fight against the coronavirus. Data engineers are essential in making predictions and creating visualizations of excel and other datasets that are instrumental in local, state, and federal responses to the spread of Covid-19. Without data analysis, we would be helpless in the fight against this invisible enemy that has taken the lives of so many of our loved ones already. Without data analysts on the front lines alongside doctors and nurses that toll would be an order of magnitude higher.

Luckily, Big Data companies are continuing to develop their tools in order to make the applications of data science more accessible to college students and IT professionals worldwide. If you are considering entering the world of Data Science, or are an IT professional looking to modernize your organization, staying on top of the latest innovations and advancements in data science can be extremely beneficial. Yearly analyst reports, such as the 2020 Magic Quadrant Data Science report by Gartner, can add a lot of context to the capabilities, use cases, and applications of data science in various industries.

The world of data analysis is beautiful and expansive, and it waits for you to enter into its ranks!

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