Cartography Nerds Attention: 10 Awesome Map Tattoos

We here at ForeverGeek are big tattoo fans and urgently need more ink ourselves. And before you say something… no I’m not the only one here who post about tattoos.

So I have something to admit. I love maps. Awesome maps are awesome.
When recently my attention was drawn to this gorgeous whole back world map tattoo I wondered what more cool maps people had inked on their body and the result was not bad at all.

The whole world, tattooed over both feet is a great concept and it looks ace. Too bad that Britain is barely visible and Eurasia and Africa need both feet. An ace tattoo though and personally I wouldn’t mind if my girl friend had a similar one.

In the same spirit this world map spread over both cheeks. It is not clear if this is a tattoo or a temporary airbrush, but no matter what it is this makes anyone want to explore the desert. Desert, dessert?

Hot pants FTW, right?

If you prefer more old-skool, traditional cartography, this original world map is for you. Again you’ll need both cheeks to cover the whole world.

I like the cool colours of this tattoo, although yellow never was my favourite colour for a tatt, and the map but it is not too clear what Western part of the world in this image. It looks like Great Britain distorted, with a splash of Scandinavia or something like that.

I guess it goes without doubt that this the awesomest Australia map tattoo is I have ever seen. It might be true that I have never seen another map of the Foster’s exporting nation but that is not relevant here, nor to be discussed. This map rocks and it’s the best Australia tattoo you’ll see all week long.

Yes, that’s what she said.

The Galapagos Archipel.

The Philippines, together with the surname of the owner, tattooed on a back.

The last ‘cheeks map’ in this list. Again it is hard to see if this is a real tattoo. My bet goes to a temporary airbrush. It does clearify that the Middle East is in shit though.

What I don’t really like about this map is that you would not get an ash cloud but instead you’ld end up with lots of tsunamis, depending on how much you love cheese and onion pie.

This is how our galaxy would look from a distance.

The last tattoo map is a tattoo for all geeks. Better than a map of the Middle Earth this is the map of Thrór, the King under the Mountain at Erebor.

Bonus map: subway map tattoo.

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