Casino Royal Movie Review

At one point in time, Casino Royal Movie had a script, a plot and a shooting schedule– so we think. Today things are a little bit different, and if we ever get to see a convergence of these 3 things, then it could be that a good Casino Royal Movie is in the making. In the meantime, the most current Casino Royal is a demonstration of what happens when directors working on a film simultaneously go crazy.

First, the scenes are improvised before the eyes of the audience. But there is some skillful cutting here and there which definitely builds suspense between two parallel story lines which never converge anyway. At last, Peter Sellers is freed from his own vestige of discipline, and this is great news for him in the movie.

Casino Royal Movie Review

Casino Royal Movie being the most indulgent film ever shot

This is one of those rare films where anything goes and it’s even has an online games versions themed by the film. Otherwise, how do we explain the chaotic scenes which lack consistency? It’s like the 5 directors got into the habit of waking up every morning only to start wondering what they ought to have covered in a particular day. But despite this, they couldn’t lose it since they had money and the name of the film was James Bond. Once this character graces a film, you know how it goes even if it’s not a very nice movie.

Charles Feldman buying screen rights from Ian Fleming and then creating many James Bonds

Charles Feldman bought the screen rights for the film back in 1953. However, back then, James Bond/Sean Connery had not come into the picture. Nevertheless, by the time Feldman was creating the film, the audience had Connery as the redoubtable 007.

But it’s also around the same time that Feldman did the unthinkable when he came up with the idea of having multiple Bonds in the film (with the first Bond named Sir James Bond). His real name is David Niven. It so happens that Sir James Bond is called out on a mission to deal with an imminent threat by SMERSH. But before the threat can be discovered, the scenes switch again and other James Bonds are welcomed aboard.

And we know that Peter Sellers is the Bond who loves to play baccarat. No wonder he meets his friend, Le Chiffre in a Baccarat casino. The film doesn’t say why these guys are meeting here. So we can only fill in the gap because we are used to this chaotic nature of things by now.

Another awful but apparent thing is that Casino Royal Movie had 5 directors, each working independently from one another to create the film. In other words, one director would not know what the other 4 were up to.

Final thought

Despite lacking some sort of order here, Woody Allen never stops being a funny character in this film, plus the overwhelming presence of Welles makes people think that Le Chiffre was not handled properly. Also, despite the randomness in the scenes, the audience still feels that Charlie Feldman would have sat down in the early days of creating the film in order to come up with a plan. Perhaps things would have turned out much better.

James Bond Never Had a Watch This Cool

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