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Castle McQuade's Geeky Valentine's Day Cards Are Here To Rock Your Date!

Whether you already have a date or not this upcoming Valentine’s Day, it pays to be prepared. No, we’re not just talking about cleaning your house or shaving some unwanted winter grizzles, but something more wholesome like cards! Of course, the regular V-Day cards are usually bland and exhaustive already, so put a twist to them with Castle McQuade’s Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards!

As expected, these are not your ordinary V-Day greeting cards. They come with a nerdy geek-tastic twist that ought to attract the right kind of people for you… assuming you choose well. Anyway, these Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards come in a collection or can be bought separately. They are hand-painted artworks of your favorite pop-culture icons in science-fiction and fantasy or even sit-coms.

Some of the spotlights include Jurassic Park references featuring a certain sexy mathematician iconic for being quirky and claiming that “life finds a way.” Well, life did find a way to wedge Jeff Goldblum into your Valentine’s Day. Gaze unto his full glory:

If you’re feeling a little more angsty and your style is tough love, we got the right kind of V-Day card for you in the form of the biggest emo of the decade, Kylo Ren:

For those of you a little too obsessed with your crushes, make sure they know how precious they are to you:

Now, if you want something a little more foolproof, a dash of Keanu with anything simply can’t go wrong:

And then there’s whatever in the Dark Side is this:

Each individual card will only set you back $5.00 but if you want the whole 21-card collection, you can have it for only $65.00– a small price to pay to let your crush know you’re a keeper. Grab your Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards over here.

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