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The perfect time to catch up on The Blacklist TV Show is before Season 2 opens and that time is now. This American crime drama television series premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013. The show created by Jon Bokenkamp has garnered critical acclaim largely because of the performance of its main actor.

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The Main Characters

Leading the pack is James Spader who plays the role of Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former government agent who has become one of FBI’s most wanted fugitives. Megan Boone is FBI Special Agent and novice profiler Elizabeth Keen while Diego Klattenhoff is her partner FBI Special Agent Donald Ressler. The role of Assistant Director Harold Cooper of the FBI Counterterrorism Division is played by Harry Lennix while CIA Field Agent Meera Malik who is assigned to Reddington’s security detail is played by Parminder Nagra.

Other noteworthy characters include FBI Computer Specialist Aram Mojtabai, Reddington’s mysterious aide and bodyguard Newton “Grey” Philips, Luli Zheng – Reddington’s money manager, Alan Fitch- an unknown government official, Diane Fowler-Head of Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, and Mr. Kaplan – Reddington’s personal cleaner.

The Plot

Raymond “Red” Reddington, a long wanted fugitive of the FBI suddenly surrenders after eluding escape for decades. Reddington offers to help the FBI neutralize global criminals included in his blacklist. These are criminals who he considers the most dangerous to society with most of them unknown to the FBI. Interestingly, he has compiled the list through the course of his own criminal career.

He makes this offer on the condition that he will cooperate only with rookie profiler Elizabeth Keen. Aside from saying that she is very special, he reveals nothing else about the real reason for making her involvement a condition to the agreement. There are two main parts of the story line: FBI’s pursuit of a specific person in Red’s blacklist and his personal agenda with regards to Elizabeth.

The Episodes of Season 1

Season 1 finished with 22 episodes:

1. Pilot Episode – Raymond “Red” Reddington starts to work for the FBI under the condition of working only with profiler Elizabeth Keen

2. The Freelancer – Red and Elizabeth goes after The Freelancer to prevent a new murder.

3. Wujing – Red and the FBI works to find the Chinese spy who had worked with Red as Elizabeth investigates her husband Tom.

4. The Stewmaker – Red and Ressler team up to find a criminal on the list who made a witness against a drug lord disappear.

5. The Courier – Red and the FBI runs after messenger Robert Knepper without knowing how he looks like.

6. Gina Zanetakos – Red tackles a beautiful woman who happens to be a terrorist.

7. Frederick Barnes – FBI goes after the man responsible for a chemical attack on a subway.

8. General Ludd – Elizabeth gets to know of a plan against the country’s financial system to be perpetrated by one criminal on the list.

9. Anslo Garrick – A criminal listed on the blacklist goes after Red.

10. Anslo Garrick: Conclusion – There is a mole at the FBI and he needs to be discovered before it is too late.

11. The Good Samaritan – Elizabeth deals with a serial killer from her past.

12. The Alchemist – FBI runs after The Alchemist who uses science to transform DNA to free criminals and harm the innocent.

13. The Cyprus Agency – The FBI targets an illegal adoption agency and the investigation turns personal for Elizabeth.

14. Madeline Pratt – Madeline Pratt double-crosses Red and Elizabeth effectively using them as distraction to her theft related to a national nuclear security threat.

15. The Judge – The Judge makes sure to balance the scales when an innocent person goes to jail by sending the offender to a special prison.

16. Mako Tanida – A former associate of Red seeks revenge on the FBI.

17. Ivan – The loss of a high-tech cyber defense asset points to a Russian terrorist.

18. Milton Bobbit – The chase is on for a criminal who succeeds in having other people commit murder suicide on his behalf. Meanwhile, Elizabeth grapples with a truth about her husband Tom.

19. The Pavlovich Brothers – Red gives Elizabeth a chance to hire the Pavlovich Brothers to bring Tom to her for the truth.

20. The Kingmaker – The FBI Team tries to take down a strategist behind the rise of powerful politicians as Elizabeth finds out a secret about Red.

21. Berlin – Red was actually using Elizabeth and the FBI to protect him for his underworld associates.

22. Berlin: Conclusion – The perfect season ender as it is unclear as ever whether Red is among the good or bad guys.

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