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Celebrate National Road Trip Day With These Road Trip Movies

By Bea

The world may be slowly getting back up on its feet since the pandemic hit, but travel is still certainly out of the picture for most of us. With National Road Trip Day coming up this May 28, it’s a real bummer to be stuck at home. So instead of sulking around the house and missing out on some fun, it’s time to let our minds wander with these awesome road trip movies!

Almost Famous

This *famous* film follows a fifteen-year-old discovering the wild life of a rock and roll band, Stillwater, as he joins them on tour for an article he’s writing. Here, he learns about what life is like *on the road*.

Dumb and Dumber

This iconic Farrelly Brothers film features two friends who are convinced that the gas man has it out for them when their bird dies. Because of this, they decide to take a trip to Aspen to deliver a mysterious briefcase left behind by Mary. Did I mention their truck looks like a dog too? I guess the title of the film fits the strange synopsis.

Thelma & Louise

Another road trip classic, Thelma & Louise has all the elements to make a fun, memorable, and relevant film. When two best friends take an ordinary girl’s road trip together, they end up running from the law and being chased down for murder.

Little Miss Sunshine

This star-studded, critically-acclaimed film follows a dysfunctional family on a cross-country trip to take their daughter to the finals of a beauty pageant. It’s hard not to love this movie because it has everything you’d think a great film has to offer: a great cast, likable characters, memorable lines, wit, and charm.


Who knew a superhero film would make it to this list? Logan follows Wolverine and Charles Xavier as they embark on a trip to take a young mutant to a refuge in North Dakota. Of course, it wouldn’t be an X-Men film if it didn’t have any interference from the bad guys along the way.

Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is the sequel to Magic Mike, featuring a group of male strippers who reunite and take a road trip to Myrtle Beach for one *epic* final performance.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Written and directed by the 80s icon John Hughes, this film centers on two men who suddenly have to be travel companions after a series of misadventures on their way home for the holidays. It stars the incomparable Steve Martin and John Candy whose chemistry on screen is on point.

Road Trip

This comedy road trip film is about four college friends embarking on a road trip to retrieve Josh’s sex tape (with another woman) mistakenly mailed to his long-distance girlfriend.

Rain Man

Rain Man was one of the first films to tackle autism on the big screen. This Oscar-winning film follows Charlie, a sleazy, manipulative man, who kidnaps his mentally challenged brother to get him to give up his inheritance from their late father. As the two take a cross-country trip together, the trip ends up being more than what Charlie expected.

Easy Rider

Easy Rider is another Hollywood classic from the 70s. It features two biker hippies who take a soul-searching road trip after cashing in on a drug deal in Southern California. While on their trip, they discover and experience the hatred and bigotry plaguing the small towns of the country.

Joy Ride

Here’s a road trip movie that will get you on the edge of your seats. As college student Lewis drives home from summer break, he has to bail out his brother from jail in Utah and pick up a childhood friend in Colorado. Things take a crazy turn when they play a prank on a truck driver on their way home, and the driver ends up hunting them down for revenge.


Nothing says road trip like running away from zombies during an apocalypse. In this zombie comedy, a group of survivors bands together to reach The Pacific Playland amusement park which is rumored to be zombie-free. However, they must first survive the trip getting there. It’s a good thing Columbus already has a set of survival rules to help us in a zombie apocalypse!


This crazy, raunchy mockumentary film follows Borat, a Kazakhstani journalist, who goes to the US to make a documentary about the country. While the film was banned in Kazakhstan for its portrayal of the country, it still gained critical and commercial success. Very nice!


Another crazy and raunchy teen road trip movie is EuroTrip. It follows Scott and his high school girlfriend’s break up after graduation. He then goes on a cross-country trip with his best friends to Europe to search for his pen pal and dream girl Mieke.

Check this out for films to binge-watch this year!

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