Celebrating Years of Crappy Yet Awesome Mega Man Box Art

The art on the box of Nintendo’s first Mega Man game was nothing short of painful. It is so bad (a fat man in spandex aiming a hand gun in an impossible position whilst ‘standing’ in front of a crazy future world. We all ended up buying the game anyway and an instant, brutally tough series was born. But seriously, what was up with the box art. Even Capcom knew the first Mega Man box art was a joke so they used THAT exact Mega Man model in Marvel VS. Capcom 3, and it was a genius and self aware move.

But the weirdest thing in all is, the pics got way better, then got really crappy again and we are at a point as gamers where we don’t even know if they are doing this on purpose. Look at the above image of part one again.

Now scroll down….

2 was still pretty crappy looking but you could already see the improvement.

3 and 4 actually had pretty dope covers that felt more like the game than the previous Mega Man covers.

5 and 6 make the biggest leaps, with 6 looking like it could be some cool poster art for a Pixar movie made in the early 2000’s. Not too shabby, but wait, we are not in the clear yet.

Once they added X to the title, they started making the covers more EXTREME, YO (slams a Mountain Dew in one sip)!

But here, at X3, seems they started dialing it in again. X is facing towards us, (drawn quite shoddily) but everyone else (good and bad) are falling off a waterfall? Really? Like, REALLY?

Then once they got into the Legends series, the box art went full-on generic. I don’t have any interest in Mega Man’s 90’s boy band bangs. The crappy GC looking art looks awful, and the faded orange to yellow is just lazy looking. I won’t even POST the other Legends box art because it is even more lifeless and generic.

But this is where things turn really interesting. Capcom knew they wanted to make new Mega Man games, but make them look and play like classic Nintendo Mega Man games, so what did they do? They released this as the box art for the frankly, stellar, Mega Man 9:

For the win! They knew the first game’s box art was the BEST kind of awful, and to make retro players wanna play an old-school feeling Mega Man, they made the box art awful again on purpose. Say what you want about Capcom, but that is kind of genius.

And then, for the final entry, they apparently told someone “Make the box art for part 10 look like something that would be spray painted onto the side of a rape van” and we got THIS gem as a result:

Seriously, they win. What else can I even say right now? Game over, man. Game over!

(Images, Story via Retrovolve)

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