Wu-Tang is for The Children: 6 Pop Culture Geeks Not Enough Geeks Truly Appreciate

Being a geek nowadays is a gift, but it used to SUCK! This change has only happened in pop culture recently, but remember, for years and years and years and years, we were picked on and bullied and fucked with, and it sucked. But we never gave up and we earned our way to the top finally. Just like the old expression goes:

The meek shall inherit the Earth…

And we have. Now every TV channel and every movie and every video game and even specific genres of music (nerdcore) are aimed solely at our target demographic. We pick what is popular and instead of getting bullied for it, we get applauded. But there’s a problem. Seems like the whole world loves the same geeks: Neil degrasse Tyson, Neil Patrick Harris (wow, Neil theme), Bill Gates, and many more. But our society is full of geek celebs who just don’t get enough love or credit, so here are 6 geeks more geeks should geekpreciate.

Show some love to these underrated celebrity geeks

Rosario Dawson (A.K.A My Future Wife)

Oh, Rosario, seems our proverbial paths cross once again. Rosario Dawson has always been a celebrity geek, but beyond that, a philanthropist and overall phenomenal human being. She is CONSTANTLY working at bettering the world, working closely and daily with:

Oxfam, Amnesty International, the ,Lower East Side Girls Club, the O.N.E campaign, Doctors Without Borders and many more (like MANY many).

But (and there is always a but when there is a beautiful woman involved)…

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

She also created her own badass comic book called OCT (Occult Crimes Taskforce, like some X-Files shit, and she was ACTUALLY a character in the comic, which is dope). Put that alongside her stint on the most recent run of great Marvel Netflix shows and you realize what you have. A geek goddess on your hands. On top of that, she is known to be Hollywood’s biggest Trekkie and just loves to geek out to sci fi stuff and geek stuff in general.

So yes, she is perfection in every way, moving on, lest I swoon.

Patton Oswalt

I’m sorry, I know this is one the cusp because Patton has amassed a big geek following (especially after the video above leaked) but it still seems people associate him with comedian, when really, he is a geek satirist/comedian. The dude is one of us, through and through, from his love and knowledge of geek lore like Star Wars and the Marvel U to his bits he does in stand up about that very thing:

Being a geek. And not just the good parts, either. He is cool enough to talk about how tough that can be growing up. No one before Patton Oswalt captured it as astutely as he does, and I don’t think anyone else will step up and take that title from him anytime soon.

Vin Diesel

Before Vin Diesel ever acted or had a last name that could fuel massive trucks, he was a super mega geek, which is something he has admitted over and over again. Hell, even his character in his movie The Last Witch Hunter had the same name as his favorite D&D character he played as growing up, and he has a game company (or maybe had, they made Escape from Butcher Bay based of his Riddick movies and the game was phenomenal).

People look at this dude and cast him off as a meathead because well, he kinda looks like he woulda been the dude to bully us in high school. Not DM our greatest sessions ever, but as the video above shows, dude is a geek through and through and feels no need to hide it, which is even cooler.

A guy that looks like a bully but is secretly on the nerd side. That is kinda awesome. I hope he beat up some bullies in his day protecting us smaller geeks. And this also proves you should not judge people based on how they look as it is rarely an accurate representation.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is so beautiful, it is normal for our stupid mines to undermine her subconsciously, but from being a Harvard graduate to right now, as we speak, figuring out ways to turn waste into a safe, usable form of energy, she is a geek goddess. She has also published prized psychology articles and said, in plain English:

I would rather be smart than a movie star.

Boom motherfucker. Pimp shit. Take that Hollywood. So she continued her education and somehow pulled off both flawlessly. But yes, Natalie could talk most geeks under the table her with I.Q and desire to better the world, and more should know that about her and not just consider her a pretty face when it seems like her brain may be even prettier.

Sorry I am focusing slightly on looks with the women and not the men. Alas, I am a man and a geek, so geek women trigger something in me.

Moving on….

GZA from Wu-Tang

Hell yes! About damn time I get to write about Wu-Tang on this site. But in this particular instance, I choose to focus on Wu-Tang Clan member GZA. Though most are more familiar with Ghostface or Method Man, GZA is a man who functions on a whole different plane of existence than most of us.

He is highly educated in the area of Quantum Physics. He has even had professional physicists from MIT and NYU ask his opinion on some theories they had that had holes and rumor is, he filled those holes (think Matt Damon’s character in Good Will Hunting as a good example). So GZA does not just rap in the greatest ensemble hip hop group of all time, but he is also helping solve equations that you and I and even other physicists cannot even understand in the slightest.

So the next time someone says something about how all rappers are dumb or immature, show them this and tell them to stop being stupid fucking racists.

Kate Beckinsale

Let us not forget, geek not only means someone who is into geeky things, but often means someone who is super smart and educated and takes great pride in that. It seems in between fighting werewolves and vampires in skin tight latex, Kate Beckinsale is furthering her education and always looking for some way to better herself, intellectually speaking.

A published author, a published poet, when she is not working on films she uses all her spare time to educate herself.  Beckinsale attended Oxford University  choosing to aim her focus on French and Russian lit. Not sure if you have read any Russian literature, but that stuff is uber-intense and that places her into geekdom whether she likes it or not. She should like it, though. Geeks Rule, as you know.

*Raises geek fist in solidarity 

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