Charmed, I’m sure.

It’s always good to see licensed properties go to companies other than the Big Two, especially from television series that have been cancelled but still have a lot of life left in them. So this last week I picked up Charmed issues zero and one to have a gander. I rather have mixed feelings on these.

The first thing it made me realise is that I have not seen as much of the Charmed series as what I had thought, as I could not place some of the main characters. For that matter, artistically, I did not even recognise Leo, thankfully he is named within two panels of his appearance. That is not to say I don’t like the art, just that, well, I don’t find it anything special. Far better than I could ever dream of drawing admittedly, but this is not a comic I would buy for the art, simply the stories. The art seems purely functional, and Leo seems to have lost a lot of weight for me to be unable to recognise him.

Recognition is what is slowing me down in this story. Even after brushing up on all my facts on the issue zero handbook, I still struggled. The story itself however is far more promising.  Now I have said before I like stories where I do not know what is going on, but in a licensed property I rather like to know who is in the middle of what I have no idea is going on.

That said, the story shows promise. Two obviously villainous people up to dark dealings, but with an encounter that makes me think at least one of them is not as obviously villainous as it appears on first glance. Potentially misled or misguided are words that spring to mind, of course I may well be wrong.

Seeing the further generations of the Halliwell family come into their powers is fun to watch as well, except, isn’t six months old a little early to come into their powers? Didn’t the sisters get theirs in like, their mid-twenties? There must be a story behind this somewhere.

All in all, I think this is a title that should not be written off by it’s first issue, but it does seem to be aimed at die-hard fans. Casual readers like me could easily be put off, but I think I will persevere.  It’s also nice to see another Zenescope title that’s using more questionable draws on the cover to young fanboys as well, so in conclusion?

Six, maybe seven out of ten, could do better. I’m certainly willing to see if they do do better though.

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