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When I think of Jonathan Ross, affectionately known as Wossy, I think of film reviews, pop culture interviews of no significant depth, irreverent and somewhat annoying radio shows and no shortage of controversy, certainly in the Emerald Isles.

Yet here in the UK, it was a significant moment way back when he first came out as a comics fan, helping comics rise out of the murky depths of uncool into the hip and cool thing that it is today. Yet I struggled with the thought of Wossy writing comics, and regret to say that I totally missed his first series Turf.

I am so pleased to discover that I was wrong. I finally got around to reading the first issue of America’s Got Powers and I must say that I am suitably impressed. Set in San Francisco which for the story had had its own ‘White Event’ or ‘Big Bang’ that resulted in a generation of children born with powers. Of course such creatures could not be afforded human rights, so they were forced into camps, and when they came of age, forced into televised tournaments. All they can compete for was a life outside of the camps, risking life and limb in the process for a blood-hungry public, overseen by a Senator of questionable (read no) morality and of course a military interest, seeking a way to exploit the youths.

Just from this first issue, this series reminds me strongly of the classic Rising Stars by J. Michael Straczynski, only updated for the new decade. Rather than the X-Files approach, this series takes the empire of Simon Cowell and the meat grinder of young dreams and aspirations and turns it into the gladiatorial combat that we are treated to most Saturday nights. Of course, this story allows for the presence of an almost messianic character to bring hope to the powered, a formerly unpowered member of the generation, the only one believed to be born with no extra ability.

If only the youth of today, lining up to have their dreams shattered by callous and eccentric judges could have a similar figure.

The second issue of America’s Got Powers is in the stores today.

Returning to the issue of last week, and the revelation that DC’s new, all-spangled gay character is to be Alan Scott, I find myself wondering why. Firstly, DC has an excellent gay character in Batwoman, who could simply have been promoted a little more; did we really need all this hoopla and press-courting? I repeat the point I made last week. This is cheap.

Secondly, what bright spark chose Alan Scott? If I have to read one more column joking about how he is the keeper of the Emerald FLAME and that his only weakness is to WOOD; as beloved as it is, my laptop will be sent flying through the window.

I would like to see how they plan to introduce his children, Jade and Obsidian this time. For that matter, Obsidian, though wiped from existence thanks to the Flashpoint, Obsidian had already been established as a gay man. Why not relaunch Todd as a high profile character, and build upon the history already established?

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