Chocolate Skulls - Not Your Average Valentine's Gift

Just several more days, and countless of people around the world will be celebrating a Hallmark holiday with those special to them. Then again, there will be just as many who will not care or will pretend not to. Whether you make it a habit to celebrate Valentine’s Day or you treat February 14 just like any other day, here is something that would be a perfect gift for chocolate lovers who do not mind not-so-ordinary things. How does a chocolate skull sound?

Chocolate Skulls is the baby of Marina Malvada, who got started on the idea of skulls made out of chocolate way back in 1993. ((Chocolate Skulls Website)) As with many noteworthy creations, the skulls were not really planned. What happened was that the artist was casting skulls, but of different material. It just entered her mind to create something edible, and what better to use than chocolate?

This year, Chocolate Skulls is entering a new phase – one which is set to give the project more exposure than ever. I think that the concept alone is enough to spread the word. These skulls are 100% edible and are cast from real human skulls. It is thus no surprise that people who have seen them in real life say that the candy – it is candy after all – is strikingly accurate, anatomically speaking.

The first skull is made of Cuban and Mexican Dark Chocolate. Now we all know that dark chocolate is healthy, so there isn’t anything you cannot like about this piece!

Here’s another chocolate skull.

This one’s a photo of a party with the skulls as the centerpiece.

I have to admit the skulls do not look particularly appetizing (especially when you think about the molds that were used), but they are still nothing but awesome. And, they’re made of chocolate – how can they not be awesome?

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