Chris Pederick Ripped Off

If you use Firefox and are a web designer, you more than likely use the superb Web Developer Toolbar developed by Chris Pederick. It looks like his Firefox toolbar has been ripped off as an Internet Explorer add-on.

A company named Aevita recently announced a new add-on for Internet Explorer called Web Inspector. I will let Chris take it from here.

It sounds like an equivalent to the Web Developer extension only for Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox, but a quick glance at it’s home page reveals it is more of a rip-off than an equivalent.

The first thing I noticed was that the icons used in Web Inspector are identical to those in Web Developer. These icons were not created by me, but are part of the default Mozilla Firefox themes on Windows and Mac OS X, and I believe these icons are copyrighted by Mozilla.

In addition to using the stock Mozilla icons, they also liked the order of menu options that they took that as well (as can be seen in this screenshot).

They even ripped off the documentation, copying this bit of text directly from the Web Developer documentation: ” The disable features allow the disabling of various browser behaviors including disabling the cache, JavaScript and CSS.”

What is particularly amusing about this is that the text was copied verbatim even though there is no feature that disables the cache in Web Inspector! The Web Inspector home page also claims that the program allows “an unlimited number of configurable tools” and “custom sizes” in the resize feature, but these are features of the Web Developer extension and are not included in Web Inspector.

I picked this story up from Asa Dotzler, and I will do the same as he has, encouraging the readers of FG to contact Aevita and voice your disgust at their blatant rip-off of Chris Pederick’s hard work. It makes it even worse that they are selling their product for $25.

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