Chucky is a famous horror TV franchise that became a sensation after a few episodes of the first season released in 2021. Following the incredible success, the creators announced Chucky Season 2. Now that the new season has already blessed us with six terrifying episodes, fans wonder when episode 7 of the television series will come out.

Chucky’s terror started with the film Child’s Play, which was released in 1988. That was the first time we were introduced to the evil doll Chucky. Since then, the franchise has come up with seven movies, one reboot, and two seasons of Television series, but the latest season has received the highest score from Rotten Tomatoes. To be precise, the audience awarded it 92%, while the critics gave it a 100% score, making it the number one project of the franchise.

When does Chucky Season 2 Episode 7 Release?

Chucky Season 2 episode 7 will officially release on Syfy and USA Network on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 9:00 PM Eastern Timing. However, the timings will be different for different time zones. So, you can follow the below time:

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The storyline of Chucky Season 2 Explored

Season 2 of the horror comedy Television show Chucky explores a new storyline with a new set of characters. Chucky, the creepiest doll, is found by a 14-year-old boy Jake Wheeler, who soon learns that a deceased serial killer possesses the doll. Later, Jake becomes the suspect in the brutal murders taking place in the town.

Being a serial killer, Chucky brutally kills everyone who disrupts his fun time. He believes he was born to kill, and aside from murdering people, the supernatural and foul-mouthed doll tries to bring out the worst in everyone around. He frequently tries convincing other people to commit murders, and that’s what truly makes him dangerous.

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