Classic Computer Games That Are Now Worth a Fortune

What kind of person buys a computer game they’re never going to play? Well, that would be a very smart kind of person. Because computer games are officially a new collectible. And like an action figure that has never left its original box, games that have never been played (or even opened) command the most cash.

A pristine copy of your favorite childhood computer game could now be worth thousands of dollars. And superfans and mega collectors will pay even more for SEGA or Nintendo classics. Don’t believe us? Then just ask the researchers from TheToyZone. They recently collected data from Mavin to find the world’s most expensive toys, including several old-school computer games and consoles that are now worth a fortune.

Last year, a copy of the Nintendo 64 classic Goldeneye sold for just under $15,000. But don’t get overexcited if you’ve got a dust-covered cartridge lying about in the attic. This particular copy of the James Bond first-person shooter never left its original packaging.

Super Smash Brothers was another instant N64 classic. You can pick up an old cartridge for around $30 on eBay. But a fully-boxed limited edition of the Super Mario-inspired fighting game recently sold for $9,964! Yoshi’s Story, Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon Snap are three more N64 games sold for four-figure sums.

It’s not just old computer games that sell for big bucks. Nostalgia junkies are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for boxed-up Gameboys, while limited edition Super Nintendo consoles are now worth up to $3,000.

Most of us would have owned a copy of the games and or a console that now sells for thousands. Unfortunately, few of us had the foresight (or patience) to keep them boxed up for 10 years. After all, true gamers don’t collect; they play. But the next time a big release hits the shelves, why not invest in an extra copy or two? One for you, and one for the future. Who knows what it might be worth?

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