Clean Up The Wires With Duracell myGrid

Is it just me or is everyone using “my” and “i” in front of words to name products and services these days? The reason for my asking this is that I was just looking at a new product from Duracell, dubbed myGrid. Not that I am complaining – I think the name’s actually cool, although it may not really tell you much about the product.

myGrid is a dock which can charge various gadgets at the same time. Think about it, if you have a mobile phone (or two), an mp3 player (or two), and other gadgets, you would probably have lots of wires lying around in a corner near the wall socket. This could get really irritating, not to mention dangerous!

With myGrid, you have just one dock and one wire – from the dock to the socket. One really cool feature of this device is that it has the capability to charge gadgets wirelessly! Of course, the gadgets have to be myGrid-enabled. Currently, myGrid-enabled gadgets are Blackberry, Motorola, and the iPhone. You just need to place these gadgets on the grid and you’re good to go. Even better, you can charge up to four gadgets at a time!

For gadgets which are not enabled, you can purchase add-ons such as the Duracell Power Clip. This will allow you to charge your devices which can connect through the USB port. You can purchase the myGrid Starter Kit from Amazon for a discounted price of $76.79. Add-ons are also available.

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