Cloud Strife. In high definition. Final Fantasy 7 Remake breathed new life unto the once-low poly character that most of us loved on the first PlayStation, and fans all over the world are loving it.

To celebrate this comeback, let us put the spotlight on 3 of Cloud’s forms in the franchise:

FF7 Remake Cloud Strife


What is not to like about this version of Cloud? He is exactly how he has been imagined beyond the pointy model rendition of 1990s games. If this does not meet expectations of fans, the only logical answer is it was better than expected. Those mysterious eyes. The giant buster sword. That flowy hair. Did we already mention the eyes? Thanks to technology on the PlayStation 4, we can see Cloud in all his intended majesty.

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Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife

Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studio’s love child created the crossover beauty that is Kingdom Hearts. While the House of Mouse sent in Goofy and Donald Duck for this RPG, Cloud Strife represented Final Fantasy, with a cool new look.

Cloud, who looks human here, dons Final Fantasy teammate Vincent’s red cape and metal claw in this game. His buster sword was also wrapped in bandages, and a demonic wing appears on his back in some moments. In Kingdom Heart II, Cloud returned in his get-up which we think is his coolest form ever.

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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Cloud Strife

It is your beloved Cloud, with a fashionable sleeve on his left arm, wielding a six-piece sword which looks similar to his old giant buster sword. This version of Cloud appeared in a full-length movie set after the events of Final Fantasy 7, and it is really cool when he keeps assembling and disassembling different configurations of his blades.


Released more than a decade before Remake, Advent Children would remain to be the only lifelike rendition of the iconic protagonist for years.  Will we ever see an update on this form?

Bonus: Chibi Cloud

Cloud strife has appeared in many other forms aside from the three above, such as Final Fantasy games Crisis Core and Dissidia. But his guard form in the latter was not that exciting, while his appearance in Dissidia is a basic 3D version of the character.

But you can’t go wrong with a chibi-looking Cloud. Chibi form never fails with any character out there, and the same goes for Mr. Strife here.

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