Color night vision camera soon available

Night vision cameras are super devices that have been used in some super situations.  A few examples include the Paris Hilton sex tape, Jame Gumb’s creepy use of night vision in Silence of the Lambs, and a funny scene involving night vision from the hilarious movie, Step Brothers.

That said, there’s an issue with night vision cameras which, up until now, no one has solved with any degree of success.  That issue?  The fact that night vision camera’s only capture images in a monochrome green color.

Finally someone has tackled a major societal issue by creating a night vision camera capable of taking photographs in color.

The Nanosystem Research Division of AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan), finally came out of the dark, displaying their new camera which can take color photos in the dark.

Using a highly sensitive infrared technology, the camera can take real-time color video in the dark!  Further, in using advanced algorithms which analyze reflected wavelengths from objects of different colors, the camera fills images with colors and not the disgusting green hue night vision enthusiasts have grown to know.

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While still in development, the creators plan to make it commercially avaialable to all by the end of 2011.  Prior to doing so, the camera needs to be made both smaller and more durable for every day use.

Have you used night vision?  Would you consider investing in a color night vision camera?  Why/why not?




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