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Are Comic Book Movies Overstaying Their Welcome?

In a word, yes.

It happened for me between Civil War and Dawn of Justice. Even as a lifelong comic book fan (who thinks Deadpool STILL might be this year’s best movie), it is starting to all be too much. I was sitting there, staring up at the screen during another flashy, bright, loud (and sometimes awesome) epic fight scene between comic book characters and it hit me. All the biggest movies (outside of Fury Road and Force Awakens) I have seen in last few years have been comic book movies. Keep in mind, this is by no means a bad thing. I waited my whole life for comics to be adapted with the budgets they deserved, so it was a golden age for me.

But just like if you eat steak every night for dinner, you will eventually get bored with it. And I think the same thing is happening to most people right now regarding comic book movies.

And it is not that I am bored with comic book movies, but I (and a great deal of the public as well) feel like we have been inundated with them, and that isn’t unfair a criticism. Come on, did you ever think Guardians of the Galaxy or Suicide Squad or Ant Man would be made into multi-million dollar movies? For any of us (even the most ardent of fans) to say yes would be lying. We prayed, but we did not expect the public to take to them the way they have. But all good things need to know when to draw the line, and when Marvel unrolled its 1000 year, 30-tier plan for movies, we realized, this is not going to end well. Hell, it seems like it is not going to end.

And the other problem is, DC did NOT know how to follow up Nolan-s Batman films and came WAY too late to the party and the movies they are giving us (when compared to Marvel so far at least) feel flat, colorless, and lifeless. The big issue with this is if this keeps happening, people will just stop going to these movies. And when people stop going, people stop making them. Kind of sucks, but it is a business. Do not ever forget that.

This movie looks drier than granny’s vag

So for those of you who have loved the comic book movie phase that has ruled lately, be aware. Much like all good things, it will be ending, and probably sooner than you think. But remember, with great power came great responsibility, and that responsibility was to not overdo it and to make good movies. If comic book movies fade out, they did it to themselves.

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