Comic Reviews for 7/25/07

Books reviewed this week include StarLord #1, Grendel: Behold the Devil #0, and Fantastic Five #2.

StarLord #1(of 5)
by Giffen/Green II/Olazaba/Fairbairn

This StarLord mini-series may be a part of the larger Annihilation: Conquest storyline, but it is a stand alone read that you can enjoy without following the entire Annihilation saga.

This first issue serves to introduce the reader to the legacy of Star-Lord, such as it is, and to introduce the new team that Peter Quinn (StarLord) will be leading on a “suicide mission” for what remains of the Kree resistance.

I have to say, this book is hardcore sci-fi pulp action at its absolute best. Everything about this book works, from the weird supporting characters, and the European-styled art…and that cover…Dear Lord, I want that cover as a poster hanging on my wall. Best cover of the year in my opinion.

I was aware of StarLord, but not very familiar with him or his history prior to picking up this book, but I have to say, I’m SOLD on StarLord. Give me an ongoing series. Please. If the mini is all we get, though, I’m here till the end. Keep ’em coming.

Grade: A

Grendel: Behold The Devil #0
by Matt Wagner

I have to say, this my first time picking up a Grendel book. I have been an admirer of Matt Wagner’s work, and I really enjoyed he Mage series, but for whatever reason, Grendel has always been something that I missed. This issue is filled with typically impressive Wagner artwork and it serves as a well written intro to this new mini-series, but I can’t say that I find the character that compelling.

Perhaps I need to give it a chance with a longer story, but the concept of Grendel does very little for me.

Grade: B

Fantastic Five #2 (of 5)
by DeFalco/Lim/Koblish

Dammit!!! Why does this have to be so good? I say again, this Fantastic Five mini-series is everything the Fantastic Four ongoing series SHOULD BE. Marvel, either keep this thing going or move this creative team over to the core FF book.

Everything about this book feels like classic comics done in a modern way. This is the anti-Ultimate version of the FF. These feel like the characters that Stan and Jack worked on. These feel like the “real” Fantastic Four. Ron Lim is literally doing the best work of his career, and is redefining himself on this book.

His THING on the last page of this issue screams inspiration from Kirby, Burn, and any other major FF artist you want to name, but it’s ALL LIM. Why can’t more comics be like this anymore?

Grade: A

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