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This week’s reviews include Fantastic Four #548, Shanna The She-Devil: Survival of the Fittest #1, and Thor #2.

I didn’t intend to make it an all Marvel week, but there just wasn’t anything from the other companies that I found terribly compelling on the shelf this week. I have given up on Countdown, and the other DC stuff is all so interconnected with it that I feel lost (and I have always considered myself a DC guy…so I really hate that). As far as Indy stuff goes, there wasn’t much released this week (at my local store anyway), so this week it’s all Marvel…

Fantastic Four #548
by McDuffie/Pelletier/Magyar

I was very critical of the last two issues of FF, and if I didn’t love the characters so damn much, I wouldn’t have picked this one up. Having said that, I am glad that I did, though. Fantastic Four #548 is like a complete 180 degree turn from the two previous issues. It’s an entertaining read, and the artwork is the best of Paul Pelletier’s career. It’s very nice work. The extremely lame cliffhanger from the previous issue is quickly dealt with, and the story moves into an interesting direction.

The covers by Michael Turner are still abysmal. He is a talented man, no doubt, but I just don’t think Fantastic Four is his cup of tea.

One issue that has become very clear to me, however, is that the FF’s villains need a make over. BAD. The Wizard is completely impossible to take seriously in that helmet.

Grade: B

Shanna The She-Devil: Survival of the Fittest #1 (of 4)
by Gray/Palmiotti/Evans

Dinosaurs? Check. Hot Chick that is as close to nekked as Marvel is willing to get? Check. Leviathan eating yuppies on a yacht? Check.

Do you need anything more out of your comics? If so…then you sir, need to find another book.

I really loved this book. It’s a pulpy, predictable, Sci-Fi Channel original movie kind of story, and it’s not trying to be something it’s not. I can respect that. The artwork is great. Khari Evans draws beautiful women…but he also draws beautiful islands and beautiful dinosaurs. This is really good art.

I don’t know much about Shanna, and this book isn’t going to help me learn, I don’t think, but it is a fun jungle romp action book, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the mini series.

Grade: B+

Thor #2
By Straczynski/Coipel/Morales/Martin

After reading the first issue of Thor, I didn’t really feel like much had happened. After reading this issue of Thor, I don’t feel like a LOT has happened…but this issue was a much more satisfying read, and continues to prove to me that Straczynski is very good at what he does.

In this issue Thor recreates Asgard…in Oklahoma. Which is interesting by itself. Normally, it really gets under my skin to read southern stereotype characters (being from the South, I know there is a large chunk of the populous that is kinda…hillbilly…but not ALL of us are), but the characters in this book, while having the feel of your typical stereotypes, are actually very well written, and remind me of some people from my hometown.

The conflict in this issue may be the first of its kind for a Marvel comic, and the resolution is both amusing and well done.

Grade: A

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