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I must have been living under a rock to not have discovered that the Justice League Of America later this month is set to team up with Teshkeel Comics’ The 99. After all, even President Obama has apparently praised Teshkeel as a much needed effort in promoting the peaceful face of the teachings of Islam, rather than the fundamentalist visage that we are all too familiar with.

Now I have been lucky enough to find the first two issues of The 99, which I found thoroughly enjoyable, but since then later issues have seemed as available as rocking horse poop. Reading the press coverage I was amazed to find out that by now nearly thirty of the 99 heroes have been revealed (which eventually will surely rival even the fabled Legion Of Super-Heroes, or even the X-Men for a cast), of which I maybe know of the first seven or eight. Partnering these up with the JLA is a masterful move, as I for one want to see a lot more of these characters. However all the coverage so far just refers to an un-named DC villain teaming with Rughal (the link is just one example), but erm, look at the picture. Starro anybody? (I suppose since this is supposed to happen on the fabled Earth-Crossover, Starro’s recent defeat in the pages of REBELS is irrelevent.)

All such considerations aside, this is great. Now, next I want to see DC (or Marvel) do the same with Raj Comics. (For that matter, I would love to see some of Raj Comics translated into english.) So that alongside the heroes of the Middle East we can see the heroes of the Indian subcontinent. What I have read of them, the characters are fascinating, however I unfortunately do not read Hindi. I truly miss some of the Virgin Comics titles, such as Devi. Please don’t tell me she’s gone for good. I know the new incarnation of Liquid Comics has a few Hollywood projects lined up, but when was the last time we heard any news about them? Raj Comics promises to fill that gap. Someone, please, translate them already!

The British stable of characters seem to have all defected to the US, as seen by Marvel’s current Miracleman reprints. (Although is Miracleman British or American? With his complex history as Captain Marvel and Marvelman, who can tell?)  Yet the rest of the world may be full of characters we don’t know about, and I want to seee them all. Britain’s publishing may have dried up, but there is no shortage of British creators working for the larger companies, and taking the rich British stable of characters with them.  Yet the world has rich cultures to draw more stories from, Africa, South America, and I cannot wait to see what riches these comic worlds have for us.

Hmmm.  How very imperialist of me.

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