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It was with great regret I heard yesterday of the passing of artist Jon D’Agostino, and we at ForeverGeek wish to express our condolences to his family and friends. As an artist who has worked in the industry since the days of Timely Comics, Jon D’Agostino has contributed immeasurably to the medium, helping to enthrall generations of comics’ fans.

He also contributed to a title that I confess has become a secret favourite of mine, that being Sonic The Hedgehog! I know I am way too old for this title, but it’s fun, a little like Captain Carrot but without all the terrible jokes. I have confessed before that I am not a game system fan, but the only game I ever used to play was indeed Sonic.

The title is fun and relaxing and takes me back in a way that I maybe shouldn’t admit in public. Still, this only makes me more aware of the great tragedy of D’Agostino’s passing.

Speaking of great tragedies, Avatar’s Supergod series finishes today. That in itself is a shame (although it rather feels like this series has been going on forever), but it has been a brilliant tale of tragedy, the traditional sci-fi construct of what happens when man allows technology develop beyond control.

That said, as enjoyable as the series has been, I really hope the final issue concludes with some form of point.  There seems to be no heroic overcoming of adversity in this series, so I really hope it has some surprises in store for the final issue, else despite the masterful narration, it may well be a spectacular let-down. Time will tell, I have high hopes, and if you have missed this series and fancy an entertaining (if not entirely uplifting) read, this is my recommendation for the week.

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