You Complete Me: The Best Pets in Comics

Just as most of us enjoy the companionship of a dog or cat, there are several pets that have helped some of our favorite superheroes in comics. Beyond being a mere soundingboard for the heroes to have dialogues, these pets have also often been heroes in their own right. (Note: no Rocket Raccoon or G’Nort here since those two are anything but pets or companions to any heroes.)

The first super pet was, of course, the companion to the first superhero


The concept behind the creation of Krypto by Otto Binder and Curt Swan is pretty simple: create a dog equivalent for Superman. Originally Jor-el’s pet for before Krypton exploded, Krypto eventually landed on Earth just like Jor-el’s son, Kal-el. Since his introduction in 1955’s Adventure Comics # 210, “Krypto the Superdog” has in some shape or another acted as friend and bodyguard to Superman and his family. Possessing most of Superman’s powers, the appeal of a dog flying side-by-side with the Man of Steel even resulted in Krypto having his own animated series in 2005!

Not your typical pet dragon, Lockheed’s kind of a badass


Discovered as a prisoner by the alien race known as the Brood, Kitty “Shadowcat” Pryde of the X-Men rescued the purple dragon Lockheed and they’ve been nearly inseparable since. Whether on the main X-Men team or with the British group Excalibur, Lockheed has stayed by Kitty’s side. Through apparent “death” and subsequent return, through breakups with Pete Wisdom and Colossus, Lockheed has been there. Although revealed at one point to be a spy of S.W.O.R.D. (breaking Kitty’s heart) and possessing an intellect to rival the Beast, Lockheed has since reconciled with Kitty and has even served as an instructor at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

These two are the last dudes on the planet. Are we doomed?


In the world of Y: The Last Man, Yorick Brown and his pet Capuchin monkey Ampersand are the only survivors of a global plague that wipes out every mammal with a Y chromosome. Over the course of the book’s 60-issue run, Yorick and Ampersand travel across the United States trying to find the reason for the plague and avoiding the oncoming extinction of the human race. Beyond just the feces-throwing and general snarling at Yorick, Ampersand proves to be a great foil for Yorick and the friends he makes while on their quest.

Try commanding this doggy to “heel” or “play dead.”


A giant bulldog that can teleport you anywhere you want to go. That’s what Lockjaw essentially is. As one of the superpowered race known as the Inhumans, Lockjaw is part of the Royal Family and their official teleporter. Since his first appearance in 1965, Lockjaw has consistently shown up with the Inhumans whether facing the Fantastic Four, battling alongside the X-Men, or as a central part of the “Inhumanity” mini-series. Lockjaw even led his own team in “Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers” and two follow-up minis!

Falcon gives the lowdown to his best buddy


A real falcon that fights beside the hero called “The Falcon” is basically what Redwing is. With the Falcon prominently featured in 2014’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” interest in the hero is high once more. Perhaps one of the few things missing from Anthony Mackie’s appearance as the Falcon, however, is the presence of his trusty falcon Redwing. In Marvel Comics, Wilson develops such a strong mental bond with Redwing that he can even “see” through the bird’s eyes. The sight of the Falcon and Redwing soaring and attacking in full flight is enough to send any crook scouring for cover.

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