Con*Quest Adventure Journal – A Journal for Comic Cons

What do you do with all the stuff you get from a comic con such as the signed photos, stickers, business cards and other memorabilia? Stuff it in a box? Throw it all in a bag?

Wouldn’t it be more practical and way more cooler if you had one place you could keep all this safe as well as having a place where you could leaf through it all at any time when you wanted to reminisce about that one time you had your photo taken with Data from Star Trek TNG?

This is how Shelley Harper came up with the idea for Con Quest Journal a book designated for all your comic con memorabilia so that none of it goes lost or forgotten any more.

With each show, I continued to amass more stuff. Autographs I can no longer identify. Business cards for things I loved when I saw but now have no idea what caught my eye. My photo-op with Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead? Ended up in manila envelope in my desk drawer…

Shelley Harper – Con*Quest Creator

The journal is divided down into seven sections or ‘Quests’ each for specific items that you collect from the cons you attend:

  • Autograph Quest –  No need to deface your comics any more or use crappy notebooks, here you can keep all those signatures in one place.
  • Artist Quest – If they have time you can ask all your favorite comic artists to draw a quick sketch into any of the panels.
  • Cosplay Quest – Instead of having all your cool cosplay snaps buried in a folder on your phone, PC or Facebook page you can print off the best ones to show off in your journal.
  • Panel Quest – Write down all your notes from panels here.
  • Peep Quest – Nope, it;s not what you think. This is for all your selfie shots, why keep them on your phone?
  • City Quest – Keep notes, snaps and memories of your favourite bars, restaurants and hang-outs in the different cities you visit.
  • Vendor Quest – Here you can keep all the business cards of the best vendors you visit.


San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner and even though this will not be funded or produced in time they should have it ready for the rest of this years cons.

Con Quest Journal is currently at $3,897 of its $10,000 goal with 14 days to go.


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