Cool Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

If you’re still one of those few hold outs who still use a feature phone – those are the phones that only let you play Snakes, text and call then you need to shape up and get yourself a smartphone. With mobile phone deals on the web getting so attractive, there’s really no reason for you not to upgrade. And if you’re still iffy about using a smartphone, just know that the present generation of smartphones are so powerful and feature packed it will allow you to do a lot of things with it.

Here are just some of the cool things you can do with a smartphone.

Save yourself from a bad date

You’ve been in that situation before, you’ve gone on a date that is going south – right direction, wrong sentiment. It’s just not going to work out. With your trusty smartphone you can extricate yourself from your predicament with some technological flair. You can install an app called Popularity Dialer that will call you at a scheduled time. It will also play one of several prerecorded messages. You can program it to give you a “call” from your employer or from a relative. Now you’ve got the perfect excuse to bail out.

Help you get the title of that song playing on TV

You’re watching a TV show and at an important part of the show, a great song starts to play that catches your attention. How do you track down that song? With your smartphone you can. You have two options, actually. First, you can use an app called SoundHound. When you hear a cool tune on TV or on the radio, just open SoundHound, tap on Start and place your phone near the speaker. In a few seconds (depends on how fast your net connection is and the quality of the sampled song) SoundHound will give you the results – the title of the song and the artist who performed it. You can also go a bit old school and dial 866-411-SONG, then place your phone near the speaker for 15 seconds or so. After a while you’ll receive an SMS with the title of the song. This will cost you 99 cents per call.

Make a blog

In this day and age, probably everyone has a blog. Now it’s your turn to make one and build it from your smartphone. Just send a text or a photo SMS to [email protected]. You’ll promptly receive your blog URL and a claim code so you can start using your new blog. You can now either redirect your mobile posts to your blog – either one you already have or a new one you created with It’s instant blogging that you’ll surely appreciate.

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