Cool Keyboard Artwork That Will Make You Drool

Not everyone is capable of appreciating art, but even if you aren’t an art lover, I am pretty sure that this set of artwork will catch your eye! I ran across the collection at Walyou, where they featured 22 pieces. Here are some of the ones I liked the most.

This computer chair is pretty cute. I wouldn’t mind sitting on this chair while watching TV, but I don’t think I’ll be able to sit on it for a long time – it doesn’t look too comfy, does it?

These button lights are something that I would actually want to get my hands on. Called the CTRL Button Lamps, they give off a nice soft glow, which would be perfect when you have your special geek friend over. Call them geek mood lights, if you wish.

Bring your geek life and sports life together with this set of bike handlebars. If you’re the type who can’t spend a moment away from your computer, these handlebars might just help wean you off while you’re on the road.

Now for some jewelry. This pendant works both ways, I think – whether you’re male or female, you should be able to wear this ALT CTRL DEL pendant. You might not be able to wear it with all of your outfits, but I am pretty sure that you’ll find something that will match!

Now these are only some of the pieces you can find. I suggest you take a look at the whole list, as my taste just might be different from yours. ;)

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