The Coolest is King of the Kickstarter Tech Crowdfunding Mountain

For a long while, the Pebble stood atop the crowdsourcing world as the biggest moneymaker of all, pulling in $10,266,845 from thousands of backers wanting a next gen smart watch before the rest of the world caught onto the craze. Back then, people figured it was time to stop looking at their phones and to start looking at their wrists again when it came to checking the time (and email, flight updates, etc).

As of today, Oregon’s Ryan Grepper has taken the crown with an unlikely product that we never knew we needed until now. As of this posting, over 50,000 backers have ponied up at least $10,700,000 to be the first to own the technologically advanced Swiss Army Knife of ice chests, the Coolest.

An ice chest? What’s so technologically advanced about a rolling ice box, an item that is a staple of any summertime picnic? Isn’t it simply a big plastic box that keeps ice (and the items the ice is meant to chill) cold for a few hours? We’re talking 19th century pre-refrigerator technology here. So what’s the big deal?

Imagine if that cooler wasn’t just simply a place to chill your beer while you munched on hot dogs and burgers on your friend’s back patio or down by the lake on the 4th of July. What if that box provided pretty much everything you forgot to pack before you left the house that morning? Wouldn’t it be great if you had the means to make mixed drinks as well as stash icy cold beers in the belly of the beast? This cooler, called Coolest (for obvious reasons), has an 18 volt battery powered rechargeable blender. Want to slice some limes or other fruits to put in your cocktails? No problem. Coolest comes with a cutting board and storage space for plates and a knife. But back to the beer… What about that bottle opener that seems to always disappear when you need it most? The Coolest has one of those too, right next to the USB charger where you can park your phone and hook it up to a removable Bluetooth speaker system. That’s right – The Coolest not only brings the drinks and food, it also brings the jams! And when it gets dark, there’s no need to fumble around hoping you’re going to pull out the good beers you brought over the skunky stuff everyone else dropped into the Coolest. Just open the lid and the interior LED light gives you a bright view of the contents within, including the sectioned off areas you made to keep the food and drinks separate.

But what about lugging this apparent monstrosity around? It’s got to be a pain to get from the house to the car to the beach, right? Nope. It’s got extra wide tires to easily make its way over the sand, instead of sinking down into it. Plus, it’s got stretchy tie-down cables that let you stack everything else you’re dragging with you on top of the Coolest, which means all of the blankets, chairs, and any other gear can get pulled along in one trip instead of a dozen.

For a tech geek who gets out of the house a few hours a week, this item is a dream come true! Even if I didn’t get out much (I don’t), I think I’ll get one just to keep by the couch as I slam through game after game on my console of choice, leaving only to use the bathroom (the only thing missing on the Coolest, but that’s probably a good thing). Oh, and it comes in at least 3 different colors to choose from.

With only a little more than 2 days to go, will you be one of the nearly 51,000 supporters who will own the ultimate summertime outdoor accessory? You have until Friday, August 29th, 2014, at 6pm PDT to become a part of crowdsourcing history. If you’re one of the supporters, expect your Coolest to arrive by spring 2015, barring any delays or complications, just in time for summer! I have a feeling the wait will be worth it. Remember, it’s not just a cooler, it’s The Coolest!

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