Cosmic Jollies, Feeding The Hunger

Thanos, in the iconic image of his redemption.

I don’t know about you, but since the demise of the Guardians Of The Galaxy, I have really been missing some truly cosmic space opera. The Annihilators mini-series bridged that gap for a little while, but my space opera addiction is a hungry beast, and needs feeding.

Regular readers will be aware that I am very much a fan of the Legion Of Super-Heroes as well, yet the current relaunch of the original pre-Crisis (or at least pre-Five Years Later) Legion is not filling the gap for me. Maybe I have been burnt too many times with endless reboots. I loved Five Years Later, although the fan base didn’t seem to agree with me. I liked the Reboot Legion, but they were abandoned. I never quite came to terms with the Threeboot.

The current storyline in Legion Of Super-Heroes seems very cosmic, with worlds of wisdom and faith, etc etc. Yet the personalities of the Legionnaires are not shining through for me. Now I knew the pre-Crisis Legion inside and out and I’m struggling to feel the continuity, so Lord knows how new readers are coping. Maybe they are ignorant of the discrepancies?

But the greatest discrepancies for me seem to be the lack of any depth in characterisation. Other than young Glorith (and we all know how that will turn out, eventually), I’m simply not feeling the love. Plus the writer Paul Levitz, who is well known as the Legion King, has disappointed me with his attempts to cope with Mon-El’s election as leader, along side his role as the new Green Lantern. How many Thirtieth Century Green Lantern’s is that now? (Reboots not withstanding of course.)

The only thing that has quelled my thirst from the comic store recently has been Kirby – Genesis, about which I have already enthused at length. If you haven’t picked that up already, do it! Do it now!

I’m missing the days of grand space opera that can be followed easily, and is not spread across fifteen different titles. Remember the promise that the Infinity Gauntlet possessed? Or course, by the third issue we discovered that promise would not be realised; but DnA’s recent work certainly filled that gap, with Annihilation, Annihilation: Conquest and the War Of Kings, culminating in the Thanos Imperative, which was fantastic, but in my mind could have been bigger. Not in scope, certainly, but in content. This was one series that I wanted to see some crossovers for. Or maybe it should have been twelve issues.

Speaking of Thanos, do you not just want to know what he is doing as the embodiment of Death in the Cancerverse? I’m in a quandary with this one. What makes the threat of Thanos such a big deal is that it is infrequent, but all encompassing when it arrives. Such a threat always needs to be handled with delicacy, after all, look at the Reign of the Doomsdays over in the Superman titles. After consistently offering a level of quality, the ‘Doomsdays’ feel manufactured and ill considered. The quality has vanished, in an instant, and the entire effort feels like a stopgap measure until we get to the DCnU. That would be fine, if they were single issue stories such as we saw in the early Eighties, but the Reign seems to drag on and on.

However, I sit satiated currently, as I have found what I needed in fan fiction. Over on the Cosmic Powers fan fiction group (which I have no idea if new material is still being generated for it, but I don’t think so), there is a story called the Twilight War, a twenty-two-chapter epic by a writer called Warren Entros. It’s been up there for years, but I have only just got round to reading it, and I can thoroughly recommend it. This is what the Infinity Trilogy should have been.

So, if you fancy some good old-fashioned Marvel Cosmic Space Opera and have had enough of the Flashpoint and Fear Itself, hop over to their site and get reading. You won’t regret it, and it’s fun.


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