These Professional Dueling and Cosplay Lightsabers Are a Dream Come True

All sorts of lightsabers are for sale can be found everywhere. On Amazon alone, you have lightsabers ( labeled as “educational products”, errr?) that come in packs of threes to more recent versions such as Kylo Ren’s three-bladed lightsaber.

This lightsaber Kickstarter project we’ve stumbled upon is a bit different from the rest of the pack, though. Sure, the description is impressive with words like “professional” and “dueling”, but its easy to use the right words.

The question is, would these cosplay lightsabers live up to expectations?

Truth be told, we won’t know till we have one in our hands, but the project looks promising.

Called Forceblades (okay, they could have been more creative), the duelling and cosplay lightsabers “are modular, which means that you can replace any two parts with each other. Also, to modify your saber, you only need to buy parts you need, and your current ones will fit. This way you can have several different sabers with a fraction of a cost, as well as make your own saber, from thousands of possibilities.”

“Real” cosplay lightsabers

At the moment, there are three working types: Sentinel, Mirash and Vanguard.




Aside: Is it just me or am I reminded of the sonic screwdriver?

Anyhow, there are more hilts to come, depending on the success of the project. And, if they reach their initial goal, the LED blades will come in these colors.

Aside from those impressive-looking hilts, why should you bother with these lightsabers? Take a look.

Idiot proof. For Star Wars fans, having one of these Forceblades in their collection is a no-brainer. For those who cosplay, even more so.

Learn more about these blades from their Kickstarter page or back the project up. They still need some help!

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