The Cost of Being a Comic Fan

Let’s admit it, being a comic fan is not cheap. While movies based on comic books are making tons of money, the original content – comics – are not enjoying the same. Thus, prices have to go up as well.

The cost of being a comic fan

According to John Rogers, Hollywood screenwriter and cofounder of Thrillbent, “The economics of comics is bad. No other entertainment form has increased in price adjusting for inflation harder than comics. It’s $3.99 right now for a comic. Which is 10-15 minutes worth of entertainment—which is hard.

If you think about it, you can pay for a meal (depending on where you are) for the price of a comic. Then there’s the fact that you are somehow obliged to buy the entire series. That does add up.

More than buying comic books, a “real” comic fan also has other related expenses. There is merchandise – from action figures to apparel. The former can go up to hundreds of dollars.

An additional cost of being a comic fan is going to Comic-Cons. It has been half-jokingly said that for some, the ultimate goal in life is to go to a Comic-Con! While thousands of people still go, you have to spend at least $45 per session (at least for the SDCC).

Simply put, the cost of being a comic fan can rack up to thousands of dollars a year.

Managing the cost

Whether you pay in cash (which is the best thing to do anyway) or you use your credit card, you end up spending money.

Is it worth it?

Depending on your income, lifestyle, and passion for comics (and everything else that comes with it), the answer can be yes or no.

As mentioned above, one way to control yourself and not go beyond your means is to use cash, or a debit card, for your comic-related purchases. The smarter option, really, is to use a debit card so you don’t go around with cash in your wallet. Additionally, it avoids you spending money that you don’t have when you use your credit card, not to mention the risk of having your identity hacked (you never know these days).

When it comes to debit card payments, you practically ensure that you don’t accrue debt and that your financial/personal details are safe.

There is actually a new mode of payment to come soon, which is being rolled out by IFAN Financial (OTCBB: IFAN). The company has created the iPIN, which is a device you can attach to your phone or computer.

It then takes your debit card so you can pay for purchases, both online and offline. Whether you buy comic books in print or in digital format, you will be able to use the secure mode of payment by IFAN Financial (OTCBB: IFAN) AND manage your comic-related expenses. Learn more about iPIN by watching the video below.

At the end of the day, whatever mode of payment you use on feeding your comic needs, it’s probably wise to make sure that the other aspects of your life do not suffer – like you ending up with eating only pizza (the not-so-expensive kind, that is) for the rest of your life. (We’re not saying we don’t love pizza, mind you.)

Back to you

Do you think that the cost of being a comic fan is too high these days? How much do you spend on comic books and other related items/activities? Don’t worry, we will not react to your answers the way Bernadette reacted to Howard’s revelation about how much he spends on his geeky collection.

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