Covering Cities with Wireless

By Dave

The recent push to cover entire cities or even just popular areas of towns and cities with wireless, is a movement I could really get behind. I have to admit to accessing a few open wireless connections in my life to quickly check e-mails, and more recently, contact service providers about setting up service in my new apartment, as well as making sure my mail gets forwarded.

I think that being able to get out and sit in a park, restaurant, or other relaxing vista, while being able to get some decent work done via wireless on the laptop is a great advancement for the self-employed business person. It gives us some freedom from being locked in our home offices or offices in general, giving us a change of scenery, and usually a boost of creativity.

Currently, I am living in a city where it seems like there is almost no wireless access anywhere. I recently went to one of the major malls, and there was only two secure wireless connections, which were used for the businesses, and not the public. There were no open hotspots for anyone to use. This was a weird feeling for me, as I had just left a city that is sometimes considered the Silicon Valley of the North.

I almost wish I could set up a large tower outside my apartment complex, giving not only myself wireless, but all of my surrounding neighbors access as well. I think that cities should do more to provide their citizens a connected city. Toronto’s downtown has done it here in Canada, Google is helping cities in the west coast of the states try it out. I don’t see why it is not being adopted by more cities, as not only a great tool for tourists, god knows they could use the connection to get a map of the local area, find out where local businesses are, and be able to communicate with family and friends via e-mail in our local parks, but it could also be used for the citizens that pay the taxes that keep the city running.

So, my point of this article, is to say that everyone who would love to see these types of advancements happen, should contact their local government, and let them know that they would love to see some sort of wireless adoption happing in their own city, as I know I would like to see something happen here.

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