It’s that time in February again when the whole town is painted red because of the feverish bloom of Valentine’s Day. With the release of Birds of Prey just recently, you’re bound to see some crazy ideas for Valentine’s Day. Now, if you already have someone in your crosshairs and want to make an impression on them, we believe you can’t go wrong with these Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day cards.

We present you with some spectacularly-colored Harley Quinn printable V-Day cards! Now you can finally show your crush or your significant someone just how special they are to you and how crazed you are for them. It might send the wrong message so avoid the wide-eyed look while giving the card to them.

These Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day cards are courtesy of Costume SuperCenter. Now, because they’re feeling extra generous, they’re all giving them for free so you can print them and style them for yourself. The card designs come in five variations:

The first is Harley in the animated shows in her signature pick-up line for Joker:

Harley Quinn Valentine's Day

The second is Margot Robbie’s Harley justifying her insane love:

Harley Quinn Valentine's Day

The third is the latest version of Harley again with some toxic love for those of you who like it unrequited (you masochists):

Harley Quinn Valentine's Day

The fourth is Harley in her video game iteration and a nice quote about relationships:

And last but not least, we have Harley again from the animated series being crazy in love as usual:

Oh, you don’t have to pick just one, Costume SuperCenter insists that you print them all! After all, they’re free and are made for you and whoever will accept them. You can download the PDF version of these printable Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day cards over here.

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