When news about Agents of SHIELD came out, we were rather excited about it. The first few episodes were nothing to write home about, but we were still going to give it go.

Fans of the show can start throwing stones at me now (*ducking*), but I never got into the show. Even though so many say that it gets better, I just never got it.

Still, no one can say that the concept of SHIELD itself isn’t cool, and if you’ve got the chance to be a badge-carrying agent, would you even think twice?

Here’s an easy way you can make yourself part of the whole thing: with you own Agents of SHIELD badge.

agents of shield  id badge

That’s created via the Agents of SHIELD ID Maker site, which you can play with so that you can have a WTF badge if you want. Like this one.

agents of shield  id badge

All you need to do to create your own Agents of SHIELD badge is upload a photo, enter name and job title as well as a few other details. It’s up to you to print it then.

Can you imagine the fun using the ID card?

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